Team Surprise, the 2016 Swedish champions, slipping to Shanghai


Swedish championships took place last weekend in Västra Frölunda, one of the 21 boroughs of Gothenburg. In Novice, victory went to Team Karisma, Team Spirit took the 1st place in Junior and finally Team Surprise won a new national title… before flying to Shanghai!

In the Novice’s field, Team Karisma, who was 2nd last year, won the competition with 5 points advantage over the second team. Team Together placed 2nd and Team Limelight did a great job and took the 3rd rank this year. This team made significant progress because they finished 6th last season.

Four Junior teams were engaged. Team Spirit won the competition. The team, who was vice-champion last year, is now comfortably ahead with 162,63 points. Team Convivium is this year 2nd with two good performances. Team Nova won the bronze medal.

Team Spirit and Team Karisma, Junior and Novice's champions. /Credits : Team Spirit & Team Karisma

By Seniors, two teams were fighting for a gold medal. Team Boomerang finished 2nd. Team Surprise won a new national title with a new personal best result (215,32 points). This performance shows the good evolution of the skaters because they earned a total of 196,89 points last season.

After their victory at the Spring Cup in Italy, Team Surprise will take part in the Shanghai Trophy, 4 - 5 March, in China.

After the champion's party, Team Suprise had to travel to China for the Shanghai Trophy. / Credits : Team Surprise