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Tiina Pesonen has prepared off-ice training specially adapted for synchronized skating. The first video will be released this Wednesday! / Credits: Jura Synchro

How to stay fit during the summer? The fitness expert Tiina Pesonen is responsible for the physical preparation of several top teams in Finland, including multiple World Champions Marigold IceUnity. She gives you her tips in a new YouTube series "Fitness Center with Tiina Pesonen" starting this Wednesday!

Who has never dreamed of a fitness program specifically for synchronized skaters? This summer, follow the new series of Jura Synchro on YouTube called "Fitness Center with Tiina Pesonen".

This well-known Finnish coach is responsible for off-ice training for several teams, including multiple World Champions Marigold IceUnity and Junior Musketeers. "The most important is to develop a good foundation for endurance and develop important skills such as flexibility, strength and coordination during the summer", says Tiina.

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The new series "Fitness Center with Tiina Pesonen" starts this Wednesday!
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