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Prize money finally arrive in the synchro world


Many synchro skaters still have to fund their season themselves. This decision is good news for this young skating discipline. / Credits: Sébastien Muller

For the first time in the history of synchronized skating, Prize money will be awarded next season at the end of the Challenger Series to the best Junior and Senior teams.

The announcement was published today by the International Skating Union (ISU). The Council decided that for the Synchronized Skating Challenger Series next season, Prize money will be awarded for the first time to the top three ranked teams.

Prize Money will be awarded by the ISU as follows:

Senior      1st place      CHF 5’000 
                2nd place     CHF 4’000 
                3rd place      CHF 3’000

Junior      1st place      CHF 2’500
                2nd place     CHF 2’000
                3rd place      CHF 1’500

(Please note that "CHF" means "Swiss Francs", this is the ISO code of the currency used in Switzerland.)

This decision has been welcomed by Philippe Maitrot, Chair of the ISU Synchronized Skating Commission: "I believe strongly that this is an important recognition for the sport and our Teams. Synchronized skating is treated like the other ISU Disciplines!"

After the development of the new Challenger Series next season, this decision is for sure a new step forward for synchronized skating… this young discipline that dreams of entering one day the Olympic family.

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