Jura Synchro Awards: The best Posts of the Week!


It's Friday! And this weekend, Jura Synchro offers you a new awards ceremony bringing together the best posts of synchronized skating teams around the world.

One of the funniest videos of the week is undoubtedly the post for Les Suprêmes Seniors (CAN). The athletes win the award this week in the "Synchro in Water" category!

There is also a great atmosphere in Finland! Team Starlights gives us this week an overview of their team in an "Amusement" park!

There are plenty of ideas to stay "Fit" during the summer! The Adult team Creme de Ments (FIN) has found the solution and shows it in video...

Let's stay with the off-ice activities! The young skaters of Team Jeanne d'Arc Novices in France present this week a beautiful example of "Choreography"!

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RDV Mercredi 16h au village des sports à l'Armada

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Finally, in the "Friday Happy Day" category, the Mississauga Ice Precise Canadian team wins the award with this great photo!

This summer, do not forget to use the #JuraSynchroAwards in your synchro posts!
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We wish you all an amazing weekend!