5 synchro remarkable costumes seen last season


Different styles and colors... several teams from around the world have been noticed with their costumes. / Credits: Sebastien Muller, Ville Vairinen & Mihail Lefler

While teams and coaches are already working hard on next season's programs, some of us are still dreaming about the costumes of the past year. We have selected for you the five costumes that have undoubtedly marked the synchro world last winter.

Futuristic vision
An explosion of light in the center of the costume... For its free program, the Junior team Dream Edges of Finland has chosen to take the public in the future with the performance called "In 2119". The team coached by Siiri Eskelinen literally dazzled the audience with this amazing and highly creative costumes.

Dream Edges (FRA) - Free program 2018-2019. / Credits: Mihail Lefler

Les Zoulous with two colors
Although several teams have already used this artifice, the modular suit remains rarely used in synchro programs. The Senior French champions presented a great example last season with a red suit that turns out to be black at the end of the performance. Excellent to take the audience in another atmosphere!

Les Zoulous (FRA) - Free program 2018-2019. / Credits: Sebastien Muller

Safari atmosphere
The team that has certainly created the warmest atmosphere through their costumes is the Team Icicles Senior, representing Great Britain at the last World Championships. For the free program, this team had chosen the theme of the "Lion King" and had, for the occasion presented a costume quite impressive composed of several warm colors.

Senior Icicles (GBR) - Free program 2018-2019. / Credits: Sebastien Muller

Singularities and colors
The Team Surprise did it a few years back... The Haydenettes confirmed this good idea last season! By differentiating their athletes by different colors, the renowned American team has made a good impression during their "The Greatest Showman" free skate!

Haydenettes (USA) - Free program 2018-2019. / Credits: Sebastien Muller

The most romantic
Light and volatile, the costume worn by Team Junost of Russia last season seemed to float like a blue and white cloud. Trained by Elena Moshnova and Natalia Sannikova, the team became Junior World Champion in these costumes last March in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

Junost (RUS) - Free program 2018-2019. / Credits: Ville Vairinen

What was your favorite costume last season?

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