Czech Team Avalanche Was Crowned Champion


Team Avalanche (CZE) skated to a Michael Jackson medley. / Credits: Roy NG Photography

Czech Team Avalanche emerged as winner of ISU Adult Figure Skating Competition 2019 in Oberstdorf. Read more to learn how they rose to podium top amid keen competition.

On 25 May 2019, nine adult synchro teams from Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Hong Kong, P.R.C. and Switzerland gathered at the German Eissportzentrum Oberstdorf ice rink hoping to win at this major international adult figure skating competition.

Team Avalanche (47.63 points) of Czech Republic set themselves apart from their competitors with music, choreography and costume which all matched seamlessly together. Skating to a medley of Michael Jackson upbeat dance music, the team drove the whole arena into ecstasy not just because of their skating with speed but also with the incorporated Michael Jackson signature dance moves. The variety of traveling wheel configurations added sophistication to their highly energetic program. Their 5.4 points lead ahead of silver medalist was no simple coincidence.

The second to seventh positions were closely contested within a range of 6.48 points. Canadian Team EnergICE 1 (42.23 points) secured their silver medal. Team EnergICE 1 & 2 were formed through joining force of Woodstock Skating Club and St. Thomas Skating Club which are based in the Canadian province of Ontario. Team EnergICE1’s program was a medley of Ricky Martin’s version of “Maria”, “Havana” and “Magalenha”. Their body language helped convey the various emotions of the music. Their line element, which was executed well and maintained straight throughout, was especially pleasing.

Canada's first EnergICE team won the silver medal. / Credits: Roy NG Photography

Finnish Team Antique (41.86 points) was edged out by the Canadians by 0.37 point and had to settle for the bronze medal. The choice of music reflected the different moods conveyed through their "Amore - Italian Love Story" program which was joyful to watch. The team paid attention to their facial expressions which fittingly matched with the lyrics. Their flaming red dresses also reinforced the impression on viewers.

In the fourth place is the second of three Finnish teams Team Shadows (41.29 points). In the Finnish National series final in March 2019 Team Shadows defeated Team Antique but in Oberstdorf their positions exchanged. This season Team Shadows’ program is “Geisha and Samurai”. They had a clean skate and spectators were impressed by their grace. Highlights by individual skaters were also carefully incorporated in the program.

The second Czech team Team All Stars (39.16 points) adopted Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” and “Perfect” as their program music. Spectators could easily identify with these popular songs and cheer the team along. They were able to get their line element called at level 4. Their topaz blue dresses were certainly icing on the cake to this very inviting program.

The Antique Team, coached by Ville Penttinen, skated to the theme of love. / Credits: Roy NG Photography

The sixth place went to Team EnergICE 2 (35.98 points). Their choice of music was very Canadian - Serena Ryder’s “Stompa” and “Got your number”. Spectators enthusiastically clapped along as the ladies skated across the ice in golden dresses. They scored a level 4 for their line element.

Following closely was Swiss Team Starlight Diamonds (35.75 points). This was their eighth consecutively participation in Oberstdorf since 2019. Their program was well polished and skaters delivered it with confidence.

The only Asian team this year Team Bauhinia (31.64 points) from Hong Kong attended the Oberstdorf game for the third time. Their Mulan theme program was based on two different pieces of music of contrast - “Reflection” and “I’ll Make A Man Out of You”. They were able to get their circle element called at level 4. When compared with past years, the team delivered their program with better speed and maintenance of choreographed shapes. It was heartwarming to witness their achievement to date.

Spectators were enthusiastic about the return of Finnish all-male Riverbulls team (29.26 points) to Obersdorf. This year the 12 skating skaters executed their “Footloose” program well with no major mistakes. Energy sustained throughout and their wheel and block were well formed. They were well-liked by all spectators in the arena including skaters from other disciplines.

Finnish teams having fun à Oberstdorf. / Credits: Roy NG Photography

As evident by the skating as well as by the scores, most teams had similar levels of performance and it was difficult to differentiate the teams by casually watching their skates. It was gratifying to see that teams have shown improvement in skating speed as well as in delivering more intricate programs.

This year adult teams of 12 to 16 skaters were required to perform within 3 minutes +/- 10 seconds an intersection, a pivoting block, a traveling wheel, together with a choice of either line element or rotating circle, and either a creative intersection or a mixed element.

The curtain was drawn after this year’s successful run of the Oberstdorf ISU Adult Figure Skating Competition. The North American version of the ISU Adult Figure Skating Competition will take place in Lake Placid, USA from 14 to 19 Oct 2019. We will see whether there will be any adult synchro team. (But we are sure there will be the world’s top Senior teams in Lake Placid soon!).

In the next season, the Oberstdorf game will be held from 17 to 23 May 2020. Also, fans of adult synchro can look forward to Winter World Masters Games which will take place in January 2020 in Innsbruck, Austria. We heard teams have already signed up for it.

Results - TOP 3

International Adult Figure Skating Competition 2019
Oberstdorf (GER)
MAY 24, 2019 - MAY 26, 2019

TEAM Score
1Team Avalanche (CZE)47.63
2EnergICE (CAN)42.23
3Team Antique (FIN)41.86