How Finnish are seen by the Russian teams


Finland (here Marigold IceUnity) in the eyes of the Russians. / Credits: Sébastien Muller - Jura Synchro 2019

Finland and Russia are among the best countries in the world for synchronized skating. As this is the end of the season, we wanted to know what thought the Russian athletes of the Finnish teams. 

What makes a team? What brings it together? The simple answer is the common goal. Teams act in harmony and overcome lots of challenges. Synchronized skating like every team also has the common goal: the Olympic dream. Therefore, it’s necessary to attach the hold for achieving the desired objective. How can we do it? We should know one another better and learn from one another.

We asked the leading Russian teams to share with us their personal vision of the Finnish skaters. Paradise, Tatarstan, Junost, and Sunrise-1 have told us their observations. Based on these answers, we create a certain image of the "Finnish teams", some kind of portrait, that pops into Russian’s imagination.

Team Tatarstan (RUS) at the 2019 World Championships in Helsinki. / Credits: Sébastien Muller - Jura Synchro 2019

1. Technique
"Finnish teams… Oh, it’s an amazing synthesis of the power and grace" - said team Junost from Ekaterinburg. Yes, speed, cohesion and incredible clarity of movements – all these things could perfectly go with Finns. Skating of Finnish teams is also characterized with a wide amplitude, good technique, and ideal synchronicity. When the Russians see a performance by a Finnish team, many have really goosebumps. Skaters convey strong emotions and feelings through their eyes and enter their characters. The Russians also mention that all the programs are completely different from each other, but they are all really interesting.

2. Creativity
Finnish coaches often choose unusual themes for the performances, line up good compositions, and create exciting lifts. Those elements are complemented by creative and extraordinary dresses and perfect hair. Yes, it’s hard to imagine Finnish skaters without ideal slicked back hair. They, definitely, don’t have equal in this and everyone notices it. "Interesting programs and unusual lifts, neat hairdo and beautiful make-up – it’s, actually, about Finns!"- mentioned team Tatarstan from Kazan.

3. A real family
It’s very important for every sportsman to have the right mood for the competition. Every team has their special traditions and rituals they need to do before the performance. Warm-up of each team consists of very different exercises and activities. However, you certainly won’t mixed up warm-up area of the Finns! Their loud cheers can be heard almost in every part of the ice rink! Finnish teams always look like a real family in those moments.

4. Unity and concentration
Seeing Finnish athletes before the start, you might think that Finns are a little bit angry, but it’s not true. They are just really focused! Normally, Finnish people are very smiley guys! "We think, that skaters from Suomi are just simple guys as we are. They are quick to laugh, like joking and enjoy dancing!" – noticed team Paradise from Saint-Petersburg.

Finnish fans are among the loudest. /Credits: Sébastien Muller - Jura Synchro 2019

5. Confidence
"Finns are very confident and, getting out on the ice, they at once make it clear!" – said team Sunrise -1 from Saint-Petersburg. And indeed, when a team from Finland is on the ice, the crowd is literally blown up! It happens for several reasons. Firstly, skaters energize the audience by their emotions. Secondly, the stands are always filled with Finnish supporters. And it doesn’t matter where the competitions take place. Fans from Finland are ready to go to every point on the world map to support their skaters! "Suomi, Finland!" – they scream.

Creating so marvelous programs and performing at the top level, Finnish skaters contribute immensely to the development of synchro. They believe in a better future of our sport, and, you know, they are not alone. Today we talked about Finns. Who’s next?