Ida Hellström (FIN) is the new synchronized skating representative


Ida Hellström is a former synchro athlete. She skated for twenty years, including four years with Marigold IceUnity. / Credits: Jura Synchro & Sebastien Muller

Representing Finland, Ida Hellström was elected last weekend by the athletes competing at the World Synchronized Skating Championships 2019 in Helsinki. Elected to the ISU Athletes Commission... who is Ida? Here is her interview!

Working as a lawyer in Helsinki, Ida Hellström is the new athlete representative for synchronized skating.

First of all, why did you embark on this new challenge?
Ida Hellström: I skated for many years and today I would like to give something back for this sport. Synchronized skating has brought me so much, now it's my turn to give it back.

So you were synchro skater in Finland?
Yes, I skated solo and then synchro. I skated successively with Starlights, Musketeers and four years with Marigold IceUnity (2012-2016). In total, it must be about 20 years of skating and I'm 25 years old!

With this new function, what are your main goals?
I would like to develop the sport while listening to the athletes at the same time. I would also like to give more visibility to our sport on social media and television. And of course, there is the Olympic dream that must not be forgotten. My role is really to be there for the athletes!

This means that athletes can write to you anytime!
Yes of course! I speak Finnish, English, Swedish and German.

You were elected during the World Championships in Helsinki, your own city. How was this competition for you?
I was a little bit nervous about this election, but today I am very grateful for the support I received. In Helsinki, the atmosphere was incredible. Every year, at the Worlds, I notice that the sport evolves more and more. I hope to be able to collaborate with the technical committee so that I can also help synchronized skating to grow.

Following the decision of the ISU Congress in 2016 to create an ISU Athletes' Commission, Ida Hellström is elected for four years until the World Championships in 2023. With 278 votes, she succeeds the Swedish Nathalie Lindqvist (130 votes).