Helsinki Rockettes (FIN): "We are waiting for the main competition of the season"


The blades of the Helsinki Rockettes are already familiar with the Helsinki Ice Hall ice rink as they practice there several times a week. /Credits: Helsinki Rockettes

Here we go... Less than a week before the start of the ISU World Senior Synchronized Skating Championships in Finland. Today we learn more from the Helsinki Rockettes that will host at home teams from around the world.

How is your team doing?
Petra: We are doing great, we have a good feeling and are waiting for the main competition of the season. We have a pretty normal amount of training and are perfecting our programs with some final touches.

Did you change something in your programs in recent weeks?
We have done some changes with our transitions and gained more speed to our programs. A few days before we are concentrating on our performance, of course hard working continues but no big changes are made anymore.

Your last participation at Worlds was in 2017 in the USA, how do you prepare this competition?
We prepare for the Worlds as we do to for every other competition. We have paid attention to the cheering because the music can be hard to hear at the competition.

The Helsinki Rockettes are coached by renowned coach Kaisa Arrateig. / Credits: Helsinki Rockettes

The qualification time in Finland was just so thrilling and stressful at the same time. How did you live this period and your gold medal at Nationals?
Winning the Nationals felt really good and we started training hard towards Worlds right after them. The competition in Finland has always been tight so preparing for Nationals wasn’t any special this year, our focus was on doing our best and not doing any mistakes.

The competition will be in your own town. How do you feel about that?
Absolutely amazing! We are privileged to get to represent Finland at Worlds in our home rink. There will be many familiar faces at the audience which is lovely! The competition will be amazing.

Is that your own practice rink?
Yes, we train in the competition rink three times a week.

The Helsinki Rockettes in full training. / Credits: Helsinki Rockettes

What are your expectations in Helsinki?
We're waiting for tight competition. The same feeling can hardly be found anywhere else.

Will your fans follow you?
A big Rockettes fan crowd is coming, but many have unfortunately also been left without a ticket. We also have fans coming from abroad!

Do you have a goal for the 2019 World Championships?
Our goal is to do our best performances of the season and to see what where we can reach with them. Hopefully as high as possible.

Results - TOP 3

ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships 2019
Helsinki (FIN)
APR 12, 2019 - APR 13, 2019

TEAM Score
1Team Paradise (RUS)234.38
2Marigold IceUnity (FIN)228.70
3Helsinki Rockettes (FIN)228.61