Synchro skating "up to date and trends" thanks to a new magazine


The first magazine Tendances Synchro will be out in May in French and English.

Developed in Canada, Tendances synchro is the new synchronized skating magazine. Co-founder & director, Nancy Alexander tells us more about this project.

Where did the idea for a magazine come from?
Nancy Alexander: The idea of the new magazine came up during a discussion while we were working on a project. We started talking about synchro and how spectacular is this discipline but little known. For us, synchro deserves to be on the top step of the podium. So together, we decided to start this beautiful adventure! Our project is to promote synchronized skating, to demystify this discipline, to inform, to entertain our public and all skating enthusiasts! We open the scenes of the synchro world and want to do it our way; up to date and trends!

What will the magazine have in particular?
Many different topics that will not always be the same depending on the season of publication. We want people to recognize themselves, feel equipped and accompanied through this mag.

What will we find in the magazine?
Interviews, fashion & beauty sections, health, culture, etc.

According to you, was this offer missing in the world of synchro?
Yes completely! Since the beginning of the magazine's creative process, we have received beautiful comments from around the world. People thank us, encourage us and support us in this project! Some organizations work in the same direction as us, but we thought that the backstage of this discipline, which is the youngest discipline of skating, had to have its own magazine.

Who will it be for?
To all those interested in synchronized skating, of course, to the people who would like to discover this sport, to the partners and professionals.

Will it be in French only?
No, the magazine will be published in French and English.

Do you already know how many pages it will contain?
The number of pages will be different from one edition to another depending on the season.

When will fans be able to discover the first magazine?
Very soon! The launch date is scheduled for May 22, 2019.

How will fans get the first magazine and what will be the price?
In distribution points across Canada. Our international readers can order their copy online or download the electronic version via our website: www.tendancesynchro.com at a cost of $ 10 CAN. * For those who wish to have their copies right out of the magazine, you can subscribe via our website to have your copy in hand at the same time as us!

Will it be available anywhere in the world?
For the moment, we are launching the magazine across Canada but we are also developing Tendances synchro internationally for the coming years.

What will be the output frequency?
4 editions a year, plus a special edition.

What will be the highlight of the first issue?
We have several interviews. But the highlight for us is the interview with our new Canadian Senior Champion NOVA. We reserve a lot of content! We can not wait to share with you how we want to highlight synchro while taking it out of the ice to get it involved in everyday life! 

Nancy Alexander has been a synchronized skating coach and choreographer for 15 years in Canada. "The synchro is my passion and here is how I wanted to give back to my sport," said the international coach. For this project, she is accompanied by Reginald Rivette, co-founder & editor of Tendances synchro magazine, he is also a trainer and magazine editor for 14 years. "Attention to detail and excellence lead me to new challenges."