Neuchâtel is ready to host the Junior Worlds in one week


The competition rink is located right next to the beautiful Lake of Neuchâtel which offers a view of the Swiss Alps when the sky is clear. / Credits: Jura Synchro

The 2019 ISU Junior World Synchronized Skating Championship will take place Friday and Saturday, March 15th-16th in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. One week before the start of the event, we met Chantal Maspoli, president of the organizing committee.

The city of Neuchâtel is well known in the world of synchronized skating... 
Chantal Maspoli: Yes, pretty well. The first Neuchâtel Trophy took place in 1999, just 20 years ago. The economic promotion of the canton, as well as Tourisme Neuchâtel, greatly appreciate the organization of this event.
You are from Neuchâtel. In your opinion, what can athletes and fans expect?
Neuchâtel is a beautiful city, between lake and Jura mountains. In good weather, I recommend a trip to Chaumont funicular to admire a magnificent view of the Alps and the 3 Lakes.
In a week, how many teams will compete in Neuchâtel?
We will be hosting 23 teams from 18 nations around the world, from Australia to the United States to Russia and Europe.
How the competition will be organized?
From Monday, March 11th to Wednesday, March 13th, there will be optional training on the Littoral ice rinks. Starting Thursday, the world championship will be launched with the official training of all teams and judges will already look at the programs. On Friday morning there will be training for the short program and from 3 pm (Switzerland time), the opening ceremony followed by the first competition will take place. Saturday morning: training of the free program and from 2:30 pm, the free programs competition will be organized. The medal ceremony is scheduled around 8 pm.

Junior World vice-champion last year, the American team Skyliners will skate for gold in Neuchâtel. / Credits: Roy Ng Photography

Something new for the public and the teams?
We are already very happy because the stands will be well filled (practically no more places for the Saturday competition). For teams, a small city tour by tourist train is also offered. And big novelty, to officially start the competition, a procession will start Thursday evening from the Hotel Beaulac to the Temple du Bas where will take place the official draw of the competition at 7 pm. The athletes will hear the sound of the Armourins, it will be nice.
Will the competitions be live streamed?
Yes, of course, the entire competition will be broadcast on the official ISU channel.
The sale of tickets was launched a few months ago, are there any places left?
There are still places for Friday, but places for Saturday become very rare. Nevertheless, we kept some tickets for the people who will come to the rink before the start of the competitions, but without any guarantee. Better to book!
When will the teams arrive in Neuchâtel?
The first team will arrive this Saturday, January 9, but the majority of teams will arrive between Tuesday and Wednesday.

Winner of the national championship, Dream Edges will skate in Neuchâtel as Team Finland 1. / Credits: Mihail Lefler

Is the draw opened to the public on Thursday evening?
There will remain only a few places for the public, but there will also be the possibility of standing in the back. There will be animations such as the horn of the Alps, acrobatic rock and the showband Armourins.
Personally, what are you most excited about?
That everything goes well, without accident or unexpected incident and that the sporting fair play is at the appointment.
Finally, do you have a favorite team?
I really like the skating style of the Russian teams. But I haven't had much time to view the other competitions this season, so I look forward to see all the programs.

The competitions will take place on Friday and Saturday in Neuchâtel, stay tuned on Jura Synchro! 

Results - TOP 3

ISU World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships 2019
Neuchâtel (SUI)
MAR 15, 2019 - MAR 16, 2019

TEAM Score
1Junost (RUS)200.74
2Crystal Ice (RUS)199.99
3Skyliners (USA)193.42