Helsinki Rockettes and Dream Edges are the 2019 Finnish champions


Fourth at the Finlandia Trophy at the beginning of the season, and 3rd at the second qualifications in Finland, the Helsinki Rockettes made an incredible performance this weekend and won gold for the first time this season. For their part, the Dream Edges continued their successful season by winning the Junior competition with excellence. /Credits: Kirsi Laine Photography

The Finnish nationals continued in Turku on Sunday. Senior and Junior teams performed their free programs in a very tense atmosphere.


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In Seniors, the situation after short program was exciting as Helsinki Rockettes was leading by 2.06 points. In their free program ”Radio Waves”, the team of Kaisa Arrateig earned 141.45 and won the Seniors’ category with a total score of 223.82. The team won the Finnish Nationals last time in 2012. As the winner of the Nationals, Helsinki Rockettes will be ”Team Finland 1” at the World Championships 2019 in Helsinki in April 12th-13th.

Last year World Champion Marigold IceUnity got 140.34 points in their free program ”Transformers”. Although the program was clear, they didn’t get their best results and ended up in second place with 220.65 points. Team Unique was close in free skating earning 140.03 points in their program ”Insomnia”. With a total score of 218.84, they had to settle for bronze medals. The fourth team Lumineers finished fourth with 197.97 points. The team continues to improve, they finished this season with ten points more than last year.

The second Finnish team for Worlds will be the one with the highest season’s best score. Currently, Marigold IceUnity is leading with 229.56 points. Marigold IceUnity and Team Unique will compete in the Winter Universiade, which is held in Russia next weekend, so the Team Finland 2 will be one of those two teams.  We'll know who will be the second qualified team on March 10th.

It wasn’t the weekend of Musketeers. The team had a crash in the intersection and a skater ”got a deep cut from a blade and needed a whole bunch of stitches. However after the crash, she continued to fight until the end of the program and we couldn’t be more proud of her”, wrote the team on Instagram. /Credits: Kirsi Laine Photography 

In Juniors, Dream Edges renewed the Finnish champions title. Their free program ”In 2119” was overpowering and gave them 110.24 points and a total score of 187.44 points. Team Fintastic had mistakes in their program ”Poison Ivy” earning 104.22 points. Nevertheless, they kept the second place with a total score of 179.39 points.

Valley Bay Synchro had once again a strong free program. ”After the Apocalypse” gave them 105.95 points. They placed second in free skating and third in the final competition with a total score of 177.52. Musketeers, unfortunately, failed in their free program earning 98.76 points and a total score of 171.24 points. They were left in fourth place. However, coach Anu Oksanen was ”proud of the team’s fighting spirit and attitude before, during and after the competition”.

Top Junior teams, Dream Edges and Team Fintastic will compete at Junior World Championships 2019  in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, in less than two weeks (March 15th-16th).

Results - TOP 3

Finnish National Championships 2019
Turku (FIN)
MAR 02, 2019 - MAR 03, 2019

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Starlights (FIN)67.26
2Team Dynamique (FIN)65.86
3Diamond Edges (FIN)63.06

TEAM Score
1Helsinki Rockettes (FIN)223.82
2Marigold IceUnity (FIN)220.65
3Team Unique (FIN)218.84

TEAM Score
1Dream Edges (FIN)187.44
2Team Fintastic (FIN)179.37
3Valley Bay Synchro (FIN)177.52