Swedish teams shined at Nationals 2019 in Nacka


Team Spirit finally won the Junior division after a tight competition. / Credits: Sebastien Muller

This weekend Swedish nationals took place in Nacka outside of Stockholm. There were four categories in this weekend’s competition, Debutant, Advanced Novice, Junior and Senior. The arena was completely full, and all tickets were sold out weeks before the competition began. 

First out on Saturday was the Debutants and there were 8 teams competing in this category. Team Crystal from Nacka showed everyone that this was their home arena presenting a very energetic program resulting in that they won the gold medal with 32.75 points, and the audience loved it. Team Happiness from Kungsbacka ended up in second place with 29.30 points and Team Fantazy from Ytterby/Kungälv came in third place with 28.99 points.

Once the debutants were done the Juniors short was next. Six junior teams participated and Team Spirit from Kungsbacka/Mölndal, that ended up with 62.40 points, was almost 7 points ahead of Team Seaside from Tjörn (55.64) in second after the first day. Team Nova from Borås was in third place with 53.94.

It has been quite a battle between these top three teams during the season and the results from short sure was a promise for an exciting free competition on Sunday.

In the Senior category, only one team participated: Team Unity from Angered. They performed a clean skate and the audience loved it! They were rewarded with 54.94 points for their short program.

In the Seniors, Team Unity was the only participating team. / Credits: Sebastien Muller

Sunday began and there was a lot of tension in the air in the arena: how would the Junior competition end up, and what would happen in the AdvancedNovice category?

Advanced Novice has been very tight during the season and to be honest, each participating team could have ended up with the gold medal, even though there were a few favourites out there. Team Together from Kungsbacka started as the third team and they beat the seasons best in Sweden with 59.73. Would anyone of the remaining teams be able to make it across the 60 point barrier?

Team Seaflowers from Tjörn and Team Harmony from Ytterby/Kungälv has been in the top all season and they started as 5 and 6. Even with an interruption of the program due to an incident, Team Seaflowers finished the skate and received standing ovations from the audience. Team Harmony had a few mistakes in their program and came in second place with 56.41 points. Third place was captured by Team Karisma from Göteborg with 55.87 points. The difference between the first and last team was less than 7 points, it was tight!

Team Together won gold in the Advanced Novices division. / Credits: Sebastien Muller

Then it was the Juniors time to enter the ice again, this time for the free program. As guessed it was all about the last starting three teams. Would Team Spirits lead from the short be enough to keep the other teams behind them?

Yes, it was enough but the others came close. Team Spirit won the Junior category with a total of 149.05, Team Seaside came in second with 146.20 and Team Nova came in third with 143.26. Whos Swedens two participating teams in WJSSC 2019 will be has nothing to do with nationals and was selected in early January after the second qualification. But it was pleasing to see that it is the nationals gold and silver medalists Team Spirit and Team Seaside that was selected back then.

After the juniors, it was the Seniors time to show their free program. Team Unity had great support from the audience, cheering the only senior team competing after the end of the Team Surprise at the beginning of the season. Unity had a couple of falls and received a total score if 148.02 points for both programs. Although their skate was a great way to end this year’s nationals in Sweden.

Results - TOP 3

Swedish National Championships 2019
Stockholm (SWE)
FEB 23, 2019 - FEB 24, 2019

TEAM Score
1Team Unity (SWE)148.02

TEAM Score
1Team Spirit (SWE)149.05
2Team Seaside (SWE)146.20
3Team Nova (SWE)143.26

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Team Together (SWE)59.73
2Team Harmony (SWE)56.41
3Team Karisma (SWE)55.87