Canadians 2019: Nexxice and Nova Senior take the lead after the short programs


Nexxice Senior took the lead after the short programs with a total of 84.49 points. / Credits: Sean McKinnon

The first results have arrived from the Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex. Nexxice, from Burlington, Ontario, finished first in two divisions (Senior and Intermediate). Les Suprêmes are provisionally first in Junior. Nova Senior surprised everybody to sit second. The team from St-Hubert, Quebec, is only 1.78 points from the top of the ranking.

The event opened with the Intermediate category- without a doubt the biggest and deepest field at the entire event. Nexxice claimed top spot and leads with 78.54, Les Rythmiks (Quebec) sits in second with 77.72, and Meraki (Ontario) in third with 75.70. Les Eclypses (Quebec) placed fourth. A surprise performance came from Ontario’s Oakville Edge, who claimed the fifth spot with a score of 70.38, a near 20 point improvement from their first competition of the season. British Columbia/ Yukon’s own Ice-Xpression also wowed the audience with their rendition of Janet Jackson, placing them in 7th place with 67.26 points.

At the Skate Canada Nationals, the Novice, Intermediate and Open teams have the opportunity to skate their free program twice at the event. The first skate is split in half and added to the full segment score from the second skate. The two skate system allows teams to improve from one skate to the next; working in favour of some teams.

The intermediate second free program will begin at 2:25 pm EST on Saturday.

For the moment, Nexxice Intermediate has a short lead. / Credits: Sean McKinnon

The Junior event kicked off with the champions of the night, Les Suprêmes. The team scored 73.90, with their “feel good” short program. Second place was claimed by Nexxice, who missed some crucial technical calls and had 2 falls. They trail with 68.05. Nova from Quebec sits in third (57.24).

The Junior free program will take place on Saturday at 5:30 pm EST.

Les Suprêmes Junior were able to show great energy in Waterloo during the first day. / Credits: Sean McKinnon

The night closed out with the Senior category. All 3 teams are vying for bids to the 2019 ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships, in which Canada has 2 entries.

Out of all 3 teams, Nexxice claimed first place after the short program with 84.49 points. Nova, who won the Mozart Cup earlier this year, had a strong showing and earned 2nd place with 82.71. Les Supremes trails behind in third with 81.38. The competition continues on Saturday at 6:30 pm EST, and following the event, Skate Canada will select the two teams that will represent Canada at the World Championships in Helsinki, Finland.

Saturday’s competition begins with the Novice free program 1 at 9:00 am EST, followed by the Open first free program at 12:40 pm EST.

Results - TOP 3

Canadian National Championships 2019
Waterloo (CAN)
FEB 22, 2019 - FEB 24, 2019

TEAM Score
1Nexxice (CAN)122.73
2Les Rythmiks de Lanaudière (CAN)116.77
3Meraki (CAN)115.13

TEAM Score
1Les Suprêmes (CAN)184.57
2Nexxice (CAN)178.79
3Nova (CAN)144.69

TEAM Score
1Nova (CAN)231.35
2Nexxice (CAN)226.69
3Les Suprêmes (CAN)220.07

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Les Suprêmes (CAN)33.79
2Nova (CAN)32.58
3Gold Ice (CAN)31.90

TEAM Score
1Nexxice (CAN)48.60
2Les Suprêmes (CAN)46.16
3Les Pirouettes (CAN)42.89