Tatarstan and Junost won the 2019 Zagreb Snowflakes Trophy


Russian team Junost, Russia's 2019 champion, and 2018 World champion, got a new gold medal. / Credits: Roy NG Photography

Friday and Saturday, the 2019 Zagreb Snowflakes Trophy took place in Croatia. 31 teams from Europe and the USA competed in six different divisions. 

In the Senior event, the Russian team Tatarstan won the title with a large margin of 10 points. The vice-champions of Russia presented a clean short program but had more problems with the free skate (many falls). They got a total score of 201.06. Skyliners followed in second, scoring 191.38 and Team Berlin 1 from Germany finished in third place with 179.57 points even if they fell in the middle of the free program.

Miami University (USA) presented amazing Group Lifts and the highest level call on this element. They got 172.02 and finished in fourth. Team Passion from Hungary secured the fifth place (155.26) and Zagreb Snowflakes placed sixth (122.80).

The Junior division was the biggest category in Zagreb with 10 participating teams. Junost from Russia placed first in both the short program and free skate to win the title with a huge total of 203.84, improving their international best total by over 9 points. After a bronze medal in Sweden two weeks ago, Starlights (USA) got the silver title with 179.04 points. Fond Du Lac Blades, also from the United States, claimed the bronze medal, finishing the competition with 153.79. A very good result for their first international of the season.

The rankings then remained the same as after the short programs: Ice Steps from Finland finished in fourth (145.52), followed by the other Finnish team Reflections (132.17) and the Swedish Team Nova (124.33). Hungarian, Croatian and Italian teams complete the rankings.

Dream Steps from Finland won the Advanced Novice division with a score of 61.18 points. In second with 46.27, Zagreb Snowflakes.

In the Mixed Age event, Snowflakes from Switzerland skated to first place, earning 60.83 points. Ice Stars (HUN) scored 43.42 to follow in second, and the local team Zagreb Snowflakes earned 24.05 to end in third place.

Six teams competed in the Basic Novice event. Team Magic captured the title, scoring 30.27. The Italian team Ladybirds followed in second, earning a total of 28.00 along with the highest-scoring line element. Gemini (CZE) captured third place with 27.66 points.

Ladybirds won another medal in the Juvenile event. They won the field with 29.37. Tempo earned 25.75 points and claimed the silver medal. Team Magic’ 24.11 captured the bronze.

This international competition in Zagreb allowed the teams to further refine their programs. Many of them will very soon be living their National Championships, within two to three weeks.

Results - TOP 3

Zagreb Snowflakes Trophy 2019
Zagreb (CRO)
FEB 08, 2019 - FEB 09, 2019

TEAM Score
1Team Tatarstan (RUS)201.06
2Skyliners (USA)191.38
3Team Berlin 1 (GER)179.57

TEAM Score
1Junost (RUS)203.84
2Starlights (USA)179.04
3Fond du Lac Blades (USA)153.79

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Dream Steps (FIN)61.18
2Zagreb Snowflakes (CRO)46.27

Mixed Age
TEAM Score
1Snowflakes (SUI)60.83
2Team Ice Stars (HUN)43.42
3Zagreb Snowflakes (CRO)24.05