Throwback to French nationals and “Stars de la Glace” show for Les Zoulous


Les Zoulous start their season with a title of champions of France. / Credits: Roy NG Photography

Three weeks after their first ISU win, (Winter Cup in Belgium), Les Zoulous were crowned national champions for the 18th time of their story. The competition meets a total of 6 different disciplines and took place December 13th to December 16th in the ski resort of Vaujany. Only synchronized skating representatives, Les Zoulous logically finished at the first place.

Thursday, after a rough official practice (music interruption, bad visualization…), the team presented an energic short program although there were 2 falls. Les Zoulous got 26 points for the technical score and 25.34 points for the components for a total score of 49.34, which is 89,76% of their season best, which they got at the Winter Cup.

This season, the Senior team starts its free program in red and finishes it in black costumes. / Credits: Roy NG Photography

Friday was different, the official practice went well and the team got their confidence back. Their free tells the story of a plane crash where the survivors find themselves in a wild jungle. Despite the fact that they accommodate pretty well with their new environment when the helicopters are heard the group tries its best to seek help. But in vain. They finally accept their fate, they’ll have to adapt. Back to the wild state…

Take off time was at 2:15 pm for Les Zoulous. A small mistake in one of the group lifts cost them their creative element, for which they will get no points. When the last music is heard, a costume change is made. From red the dress goes black, to express the feline side (black panther) taking over the civilized state. The team got 95.76 for their free skate and a total of 145.1 points.

On Sunday it was the shooting of the show “Les Stars de la Glace” (The Ice Stars in French) with special guests such as Anna Pogorilaya or Tomáš Verner. A huge opportunity for Les Zoulous, representing synchronized skating not only for the Vaujany audience but also for more than 50 countries where the show will be broadcasted! In France, the show will air on December 30th at 1:30 pm. Even though the ice surface was highly reduced, it is a modified version of their short program that the team skated, showing the “essentials” of synchronized skating: circle, line, wheel, intersections but also more spectacular elements such as lifts and death spirals…

Next competition for Les Zoulous will be the French Cup in Rouen, their second ISU of the season, one of the steps of their selection for the world championships.