Russia: The battle rages for the Nationals


The Junior team Sunrise took the silver medal in Tolyatti. /Credits: Sunrise-1

The last stage of the Russian Cup took place in Tolyatti at the beginning of the week. 39 teams competed in Senior, Junior, Advanced and Basic Novice categories. For Junior and Advanced Novice teams, it was the last chance to receive the ticket to the National Championships, which will be held 11-13 January in Yoshkar-Ola.


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On the first day competed Senior and Basic Novice teams.

In the Senior division, Team Tatarstan from Kazan took strong leadership after the short program with 76.87 points. Dream Team from Samara was unlucky with 3 falls during their skating. They finished the first day of the competition with 56.99 points.

The fight in the Basic Novice division was very exciting. 3 best teams were very close to each other. Team Golden Prize from Saint-Petersburg became the winner with 42.43 points, second place took team Zilant from Kazan with 41.08 and third was team Angels from Tolyatti with 40.47 points.

Team Angels presented a colorful performance in the Basic Novice division. /Credits: Angels

The second day started with the Advance Novice competition. Team Sunrise-2 from Saint-Petersburg won the gold medal getting extremely high scores. They received 82.96 points. The silver medal went to team Kazanochka who also showed a very strong and interesting program and earned 78.97 points. Team Junost-Novice took the bronze medal with 73.47 points.

In the Junior division, team Junost from Ekaterinburg took confident leadership after the first day of competition. A clean skating and good program brought them 83.49 points. Sunrise-1 finished at the second place. The team did also good performance but two unexpected falls in the transition didn’t allow them to get a higher score. Team Idel from Kazan placed 3rd with 69.04 points.

At the end of the day, the Senior teams finally entered on ice to show their Free Skate. Both teams showed strong performances and interesting programs. Team Tatarstan received for the free program 130.6 points and won the competition with a total of 210.26 points. Dream Team was very concentrated. This quality helpsed them to reach 120.87 points for the program and 177.99 in total.

On the last day competed only Junior teams.

Junost and Sunrise-1 presented a quite strong fight. Both teams skated without any technical mistake and received the highest levels for each element. Team Sunrise-1 had a little bit higher technical score but Junost had more in the second score and won the free program with 124.38. Sunrise-1 was second with 123.71 points. Team Idel received 112.59.

So, the teams saved their positions which they had after the short program. Team Junost finished as the winner, Sunrise-1 took the silver medal and Idel took the bronze.

For the Russian teams, the next stage will take place in Yoshkar-Ola at the beginning of January.