Four countries are fighting for medals


World Synchronized Skating Championships 2016 started on Friday in Budapest. 26 teams presented their short program in the Syma Hall Arena. Russia 1 finished ahead, follow by Finland, USA and then Canada. Have a look at this long-awaited competition.


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Year after year, level rises in the world of synchronized skating. This first day of competition was a further proof. Several teams have tight scores and even two teams are tied after the short !

For example, Team Belgium, known as Team Temptation, won a total of 25,46 points after the short. Belgian skaters presented a program on Batman’s theme. They finished 22th, just behind Team Spain (29,90 points). It’s important to notice big progress by many teams for example Team Mexico (36,23 points) and Czech Republic (41,34 points) who presented a funny short program on different colorful costumes.

Team Olympia representing the Czech Republic. /Credits: Jura Synchro News

At the 14th place after the short program, 2 teams : Hungary and Japan. Team Passion, the local team, was supported a lot by the public. The Hungarian earned a total of 44,13 points. A few minutes later, Team Japan received exactly the same total score. Free programs will separate them and chose which is the winner.

The Finnish supporters were the loudest and the most represented. /Credits: Jura Synchro News

Another group of teams who finished very close… Italy and France ! Hot Shivers from Italy took the 12th place with 50,25 points. Les Zoulous, from Team France, placed just behind with 50,19 points. Same situation between Germany (53,02 points) and Team Sweden 2 (53,25 points). The competition on Saturday will be great !

Team Paradise, Russia 1, is currently 1st. /Credits: Jura Synchro News

The tension was at the highest during the last group. Four countries are very close to each other and try to get a medal from these Worlds 2016. Here are a few reactions of the 3 best teams of the day. Interviews have been realized during the press conference after the short programs.


So, for the 1st time in the history, Russia 1 is on track to receive his first gold medal at Worlds (73,86 points). The Russian skaters earned 3 points more than Team Finland 1 (70,62 points) and Team Finland 2 (70,03 points). USA 1, The Haydenettes, aren’t far with a total score of 68,09 points. At the 5th and 6th place is Canada for the moment… Unless these teams are preparing some great surprises for the free !

The Canadian Les Suprêmes skated their short on « I Put a Spell on You ». /Credits: Jura Synchro News


Results - TOP 3

ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships 2016
Budapest (HUN)
APR 07, 2016 - APR 09, 2016

TEAM Score
1Team Paradise (RUS)212.69
2Helsinki Rockettes (FIN)207.84
3Haydenettes (USA)206.95