27 Russian teams skated in Novouralsk for the second national competition


Team Junost won the Short Program Competition but finished second after the Free Skate. /Credits: Junost, 2018

Those last weekends were interesting in the synchro world. In Russia, the synchro teams lived a few days ago the second leg of the Russian Cup held in Novouralsk. 27 teams competed in 3 different categories: Novice B, Novice A, and Junior. This new stage was also a great opportunity to set new season scoring records.

In the Novice B category, the leader was Gubkin's Fleur de Lis. The team won the competition with 46.15 points. They presented an energetic program on the famous Russian music "Smuglyanka-Moldovanka". The Junost team from Yekaterinburg took second place (42.33). They performed on the music of the cartoon "The Lion King". Zilant team from Kazan took the third place with a score of 42.04 points. A fall in a transition deprived them of a silver medal.

The Novice B podium

In the Novice A division, the gold returned to the Junost team of Yekaterinburg (72.25 points). The team was distinguished by its clean and strong performance. The young skaters presented their program on the theme of computer game "Princess Aurora". Kazan's Kazanochka took second place with 70.74 points. A Moscow team - Ice Fantasy - finished in the third position with 61.38 points. The theme of the sea became a popular theme after being skated by the world champion Marigold IceUnity from Finland last season.

In the Junior category, the battle was fierce in Novouralsk. The Junost team from Yekaterinburg, who is also the 2018 Junior World Champion, took first place after the short programs with a total of 81.58 points. The team skated on the theme of flamenco. On the second day, Crystal Ice Junior from Moscow took his revenge by presenting a powerful free program (vampires), and won finally the gold title. Crystal Ice Junior finished with a total of 204.50 points, just ahead of Junost (203.94 points). Idel, a Kazan team finished in the third place (total score of 174.36 points).

This competition has allowed teams to improve their programs. But this is only the beginning of the season and new records were beaten last weekend.