French Masters: Close up with les Chrysalides Junior


Team Les Chrysalides had the opportunity recently to work with a Nexxice former skater. /Credits: Chrysalides

It is the beginning of the season for five French teams this weekend! Focus on Les Chrysalides, back in the Junior N1 category.

This weekend Villard-de-Lans is hosting the first competition for all French junior and senior skaters and five synchronized skating teams are competing! Four junior teams and a senior team will present both of their programs to the judges and crowd. The first stage of the 2018/2019 season which never started this early before!

In the junior category, a new team completes the three that already competed the past season: Les Chrysalides from Valenciennes. The team is aged between 14 and 18 years old and is composed of 18 skaters. They all grew through the Skate Hainaut Valenciennes Club’s program and most of them skated in the Junior N2 or Novice Advanced category the past season.

Loriane Duquesne, the team’s coach, was herself skating in the club: “I started with figure skating and quickly moved to synchronized skating with Les Chrysalides since I was 7. I also ice danced for a year in another city when Valenciennes had no ice rink after a fire. I have been coaching in the club for several years now and I am in charge of the synchronized skating teams mostly for 3 years now”

To get ready for this competition, the team had the opportunity to work with a Nexxice alumni skater: “We had the chance to work with the beautiful Victoria Smith, choreographer, for both of our programs. We had a training camp in July for our short program and another in August for our free program”

“Newbies” in the Junior N1 category, the goal of the team is to settle in “slowly but surely,” said Loriane. “The goal is to keep a competitive team in this category for a long term. And why not create a senior N1 team in the future”

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Competition starts this Friday with the short program, then free program and gala on Saturday. Sunday is for monitoring sessions in order to get precious advice from the judges. In the junior category, the teams competing are: Black Diam’s, les Zazous, Team Jeanne d’Arc and les Chrysalides. The only team in the senior category: les Zoulous.

Results - TOP 3

Masters 2018
Villard-de-Lans (FRA)
SEP 27, 2018 - SEP 29, 2018

TEAM Score
1Zoulous (FRA)133.76

TEAM Score
1Jeanne dArc (FRA)44.65
2Zazous (FRA)31.97
3Chrysalides (FRA)31.81