Germany will host a new competition


The EnergieVerbund Arena provides excellent conditions for all sorts of skating events. /Credits: Dresden Cup

The Cup of Dresden is a newly initiated international synchronized skating competition for non-ISU categories. The event will be held on February 23, 2019 at the EnergieVerbund Arena in Dresden, Germany. Interview with the public relations manager, Claudia Gallwitz. 

Why did you create this new competition?
Claudia Gallwitz:
For more than 20 years, synchronized skating has played an integral part in our skating club Dresdner Eislauf-Club e.V. Currently, we have three competition teams which participate in national as well as international competitions. The atmosphere and the teams' performances at those events are always very fascinating and captivating.

How long have you been preparing for this event?
We have been wanting to initiate and establish an international synchronized skating competition in Dresden for years. In January 2018 we finally decided to pursue the idea. Since then, we are dealing with the organization and preparations of the event almost on a daily basis. This includes numerous appointments with the board of our skating club, regional skating association, administrations, various officials and the management of the facilities belonging to the EnergieVerbund Arena. There are still roughly six months left until the competition and we are eagerly working towards making the competition a memorable event for all participants and spectators.

How many teams are you waiting for this first edition?
We are hoping for many, of course, but since it is the first edition of the competition we are trying to remain realistic. Hence, we consider it a great success, if we will host around 30 teams. We are promoting the competition intensively.

There are many sights in Dresden and the surrounding area. The most famous sights can be found in the old part of the city including the Church of our Lady, the Royal Palace, and the Dresden Zwinger. 

Are all countries and categories invited to participate?
Yes, the one-day competition is open for teams from all countries. However, it is solely a Non-ISU competition for the following categories: Juvenile, Basic Novice, Mixed Age and Adult. Teams are welcome to indicate their participation by submitting the preliminary-entry form until October 31, 2018. The fixed entry date is December 15, 2018.

Why did you choose the city of Dresden?
We chose the city of Dresden first and foremost because our four synchronized skating teams practice and life here. As described above, the sports complex is a suitable venue for the competition. Furthermore, the EnergieVerbund Arena hosts great international events on a regular basis. Correspondingly, the staff is quite experienced in this regard. We would also like to invite all synchronized skating fans to our beautiful city on the Elbe in Saxony.

Finally, why will be this competition so special for you?
The organizing committee is made up of highly motivated parents of long-term synchronized skaters and coaches as well as board members of our skating club Dresdner Eislauf-Club e.V. The initiators of the competition have been actively following and furthering the development of the sport in Dresden by functioning as a team manager or being involved in organizing several events. We are observing the discussion regarding the progression of synchronized skating in general with great concern. We are saddened by the decision recently made to once again not include synchronized skating into the Winter Olympics 2022 and the still prevailing lack of publicity for this sport. With the establishment of another competition in Central Europe, we are hoping to make a small contribution to further a positive development of the sport. In addition, it is our goal to make this unique type of sport more known to the public in order to gain broader support.

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Results - TOP 3

Cup of Dresden 2019
Dresden (GER)
FEB 23, 2019 - FEB 23, 2019

Mixed Age
TEAM Score
1Saxony Ice Pearls (GER)58.81
2New Horizons (GER)45.62
3Hot Lines (CZE)39.83