Jura Synchro presents you its new website. /Credits : Navaz Sumar Photography 

The Jura Synchro team is proud to present version 3 of its website. Beautiful novelties are to discover, have fun!

Welcome to your new website!

In addition to a new design, new content has been added on Jura Synchro. You have now a privileged access to the results of the teams.

Do you want to see who won the French Cup in 2009 in the Senior category? You wanna discover the impressive rankings of a famous team? Or do you simply want to review the results of the latest World Championships? It is now possible and easily accessible on Jura Synchro which lists all the results in one and unique place.

More than 3,400 results added

During the last months, we have searched and entered our system more than 440 results, which represents nearly 3,400 lines of scores for the teams during the last ten years. You will even find exclusive archives of the World Championships.

Oh yes, these results are an important archive. They are also the history of our sport and we found that it was important to group all the world results on one website. However, even with more than 440 scorecards, we are still very far from covering all competitions. This is why we will redouble our efforts to continue to add the old scores but also the new results for the coming season. This will save the memory of Synchronized Skating around the world.

760 teams in the SynchroBook!

Today, the platform lists more than 380 articles. Nearly 300 competitions have been listed and about 760 teams from 37 different countries have now their own page in the SynchroBook. Our Instagram account offers almost 200 photos, and you can also find more than 200 videos on our YouTube channel.

So... just like the teams, Jura Synchro is starting a brand new season... and other novelties will be added later this year.

Thank you for your support. Feel free to send us your suggestions or comments by email to rdetomi [at]

We wish you nice discoveries on this new website!