Spanish teams are looking for a synchro coach


The Junior team Team Mirum finished 19th at the last World Junior Championships in Croatia. / Credits: Tero Wester Photography

Sapphire, Mirum, and Fusion need a new synchro trainer. The three teams have been coached by Amanda Hartman who decided to move back to Sweden and start a new stage in her country. 

For the three last 3 seasons, the teams were training Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. «Fusión had 3 training sessions/week on ice plus off-ice, Mirum was training twice a week on ice without counting off-ice and ballet and while Sapphire had a 1.5-hour training on the ice every week and also ballet. The three teams also have physical training once a week», said the coach who gave the skating classes at Majadahonda, near Madrid.

«Each team competed at two international competitions last season, plus Worlds for the Junior and Senior teams», added Amanda Hartman. The first competition for the teams next season will be the Autumn Cup in November in Spain. The Swedish coach has been making the programs for all the teams throughout the years.

«They are hardworking, loyal and have great sportsmanship»

«When I came to Spain five years ago, there was already a synchro team here called “Las Premiers”. They were competing in the Mixed age category», explained the coach. Synchro skating started in Spain because the ex-vice-president of the federation was interested in synchro. 

The strength of the Spanish teams? Amanda Hartmann: « It’s is a very involved and supportive community that we have built here with a lot of passion for synchro. The strength of the skaters is their charisma. They are hardworking, loyal and have great sportsmanship.»

Note that speaking Spanish is not essential. Amanda Hartmann started studying Spanish after moving in the country and she didn’t speak Spanish during the first two years.