Worlds in Stockholm made our hearts beat


The emotion was strong for the new world champions 2018... Marigold IceUnity. / Credits: Navaz Sumar Photography

The ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships took place in Stockholm, Sweden, last weekend. If everything seemed to be done after the short programs, Saturday's competition brought a lot of surprises. Let’s have a look back on this long awaited competition which will remain one of the most exciting of the season.

Even before the competitions started, the impressive Ericsson Globe Arena all dressed in red impressed the teams. Coming from all over the world, many have shared with us their excitement of skating in what is also the largest spherical building in the world! Housed in the hotel right next to the ice rink, athletes and officials could not be closer to the ice competition. The hotel restaurant offered by the way a bird's eye view of the ice rink.

This is Thursday at the end of the day that the teams were able to live the first event of the competition: the famous draw. Organized outside in the Kungsträdgården Park in the city of Stockholm, the event was a good opportunity to promote the event. Despite the weather, the atmosphere was great and teams were able to attend many performances such as dance, singing or a team of cheerleaders.

Then, the long-awaited day has arrived. The 25 participating teams have presented their short program in the Globe. The tears of joy of the Italian team Hot Shivers, through the first steps of the Team Viola (GBR) and American Skyliners at Worlds... The evening was beautiful. Team Surprise (SWE) moved the public to tears and Marigold IceUnity (FIN) paid tribute to Finland with "Under the Northern Stars". The victory of Team Paradise with 76.05 points did not surprise anyone. The double world champions presented a very clean program with a lot of confidence on "Exogenesis: Symphony Part 3".

Review the highlights of Friday with the best teams:

Everything seemed to be played for the St. Petersburg’s team, which was dominating the competition with more than 3 points. But there are things that only happen during the world championships.

On Saturday, the team encountered difficulties on litters, especially on the second worn at the end of the program. With a level 2 on both elements, the team finished 4th in the free programs, finishing 3rd overall. Skating just after, Marigold IceUnity, supported by the noisy Finnish public, delivered a perfect program called "Splash". With a final score of 136.41 points for the free program, the team of Anu Oksanen took the lead with 209.02. Paradise was already more than 8 points behind.

Then, it was the turn of the local team Team Surprise to enter the ice. The Swedes bewitched the audience with "Mother Nature". They thus maintain their 2nd place in the final ranking.
Team Unique also achieved the 3rd best score of free programs on Sunday. The formation of Mirjami Penttinen has once again thrilled the fans with a very sensual and emotional program.

Watch below the highlights of the Free Skate with the top 6 teams: 

But the World Championships are also the opportunity to see other teams perform and take the pulse of the development of the sport worldwide.

Les Suprêmes (CAN), Team Tatarstan (RUS), Haydenettes (USA) or Nexxice (CAN) raised the level higher and higher. Finishing respectively 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th, the teams skated great and difficult programs in Stockholm. The Skyliners and Team Berlin 1 also score in the top 10 and are only a few points apart.

Team Hot Shivers (ITA), Zulu (FRA), Jingu Ice Messengers (JPN) and Team Boomerang (SWE) are just behind. The teams will give everything in the coming months to break away from the pack.

It was also nice to see teams from other countries skate such as Belgium, which has a good start to the world championships. But also the Turkish team Vizyon who did not disappoint his fans.

We are now looking forward to seeing new countries join the competition next year. In full development of teams, Korea, Ukraine or China may come and change the rankings.

Watch now the best moments of this weekend:

and see you in HELSINKI next year! 

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Results - TOP 3

ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships 2018
Stockholm (SWE)
APR 06, 2018 - APR 07, 2018

TEAM Score
1Marigold IceUnity (FIN)209.02
2Team Surprise (SWE)207.99
3Team Paradise (RUS)200.97