The end of the French nationals for Novice Advanced, Junior and Senior N2


Senior team “Exl’Ice” during the Trophée des Hauts de France. /Credits : José Da Silva

It is the end of the season for a little more than 10 teams after the final round of the French national championships which took place last weekend in Caen.


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The national championship for Novice Advanced, Junior and Senior N2 in France takes place in different rounds. Scores are added, and an average is calculated. The team with the best average score is the national champion.

For the Senior N2, the Parisian team Exl’Ice is crowned national champion for the 2nd time in a row. The team started the season with the “Trophée des Hauts de France” in Compiègne last February, they won the competition with 64.67 points. During the final, Exl’Ice, a team made of 12 women and a man, skated a clean program even though there were a few individual mistakes. “Considering the lack of concurrence (lBlack Diam’s Senior withdrew for the final), we of course expected to be crowned national champions. However, we are really happy about this second title in a row which highlights a very loaded season… The theme of our program is virtual reality: how to get out of it? Between fear and amazement at this futuristic splendor, the trap closes. Will we win the game and regain freedom?”. The competition season ended for the team and it is now time for shows.

There were only 3 teams participating in the Junior N2 category. With a clear advantage, the team Chrysalides wan the title (65.595 points average). The local team of the final competition, les Axelines stepped on the 2nd place with an average of 54.62 points. Finally, les Mozaïks from Louviers ends the competition with an average of 44.05 points.

Out of the 8 Novice Advanced teams participating at the championship, 7 went to the final. In the first place, with an average of 37.885 points is the team Les Chrysalides from Valenciennes. The team from Compiègne, Magic Crystals ranks 2nd with an average of 34.62 points. And to finish the podium, the team from Romorantin les Z’excentrik, with an average of 33.96 points.

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There is still one competition: la Coupe de France which will be held in Brest on April 21, 22. Open to all categories, it allows the teams to gather, ending the national competitions season.

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