Norway's only synchro team creates the buzz with an incredible video


In two days, the Stavanger Pearls video has already been seen nearly 40,000 times. / Credits: NRK Rogaland

Published last Thursday by the Norwegian local TV NRK Rogaland, a video of Norway's Mixed Age Stavanger Pearls team is buzzing. This video clip enhanced the only synchronized skating team in the country.

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Who is Stavanger Pearls?
Siri Hagen: We are a Mixed Age team composed of 20 skaters: Andrea, Lena, Marie, Idunn, Jenni, Nora, Maria, Marianne, Maria B, Amalie, Iona, Therese, Michelle, Sanna, Elina, Ida, Erle, Tonja, Christina, Mia. Our athletes are between 20-13 years old. Stavanger Pearls so far the only team in Norway, we hope for more teams would be great to have Nationals for synchro.

Why this video?
It was the local TV station who had seen the team on the ice, and asked if they could make a film about Pearls. It was great fun, but a bit cold, they filmed for 2 hours.

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Where is this magical place we see in the video?
It’s Limavatnet just outside the city of Stavanger, west coast of Norway. We love it!

Is the season over for the team in Norway?
We still practice but yes competitions are over for this season. Our best score where at Mozart cup. We earned a total of 35,71 points.

Watch now the video of the Stavanger Pearls in Norway

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