The French Les Zazous talk about the future after their 3rd place at Nationals


Les Zazous /Credits : Stéphane Heude

The French national championship for juniors was held last weekend in Paris. Just like the seniors (which took place in December), the competition is a true ice skating event because it gathers ice dance, figure skating (singles and pairs) and synchronized skating. 

The synchronized skating event was represented by the three junior N1 teams in France: team Jeanne d’Arc, Black Diam’s and Les Zazous. For two of the three teams, it is the end of their competitive season, but it doesn’t mean the season is over!

Les Zazous finished in third place with the total score of 84.68 points. Even though it is not their season’s best (they scored a total of 89.66 points at the French Cup), the team is still young and has a lot of room to improve: “We are very excited to discover our new themes and music for next season! Our coaches already have some ideas and we also have a few propositions… We want to skate to something that will reflect our team.”

It was the team’s second season in the junior N1 category. The group grew from novice to junior together and improve every year. They still are pretty young and still have room to improve: “Next season, nothing will really change, very few people are leaving either to go to senior or to pursue their studies and we think some skaters will join us after tryouts”, “We are really happy to keep the same group of skaters because we get along so well and we are a very cohesive team!”

Since it was their last competition, the team will start working on new programs and skating skills right away and will skate during the summer, with a little break in between July and August: “We already have very precise goals for the next season and we are all driven to achieve them. We are very motivated and committed. Hopefully, you’ll see us reach our goals the next season” 

With a total of 112.87 points and a first place in Paris this weekend, Team Jeanne d'Arc from Rouen will present France at the next World Junior Championships in March in Zagreb.

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