[EDITO] "Synchronized skating... it's just the beginning"


Rockettes 2018 /Credits: Roy Ng Photography

Synchronized skating is developing more and more around the world. This fact noticed by many people and also by the Jura Synchro newsroom. This is the opportunity for Remo De Tomi, one of the founders of the media, to evaluate the situation. 

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We take this opportunity to present you some elements and share some of our analyzes concerning the development of synchronized skating.

A world intrigued by this sport

After building a community made up mostly of synchro fans, we had to step out of our comfort zone and introduce the sport to the rest of the world. This is what we have been doing for the last six months by posting a series of social media ads. The goal of the videos was to promote the discipline. On Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, ads have been published in many languages and in different parts of the world. These ads have been well received and have captured the attention of over a million people. They have been liked more than 90'000 times and have allowed Jura Synchro to develop the community very quickly. Now, we must not only talk to an audience of experts in synchronized skating but also to people who are not familiar with and intrigued by the sport.

Anyway, our goal is not to have as many subscribers as possible, but we want to show this sport to as many people as possible. From our point of view, it means promoting and advertising outside our closed circle of synchronized skating enthusiasts.

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It's only a beginning

What is interesting in the analysis we conducted following these promotions on social networks is that obviously, the "historic" countries are very present like the USA, Finland, or Canada. But there are also nations less known in the world of synchro who are interested and visit more and more jurasynchro.com: India, Peru, Denmark or Chile are for example part of this list.

Given these results, it is undeniable that the synchronized skating community will still grow and that new teams will emerge in other parts of the world. Synchronized skating... this is just the beginning.

Talking about this sport has always been our primary mission. The founders of Jura Synchro invest in promoting the discipline on social networks and on other platforms. As you know, Jura Synchro is a team of volunteers and even the small profit is invested in new advertisements of the sport or in the development of the website.

There is still a lot of work and JuraSynchro.com will still evolve in the coming months with new features and exclusive content. The possibilities are enormous and our editors have plenty of ideas to put this sport further. Or course, we will continue to promote synchronized skating to the public who have not yet discovered this discipline. Different spots are in production to reach even more people.

Skating Graces, Germany. /Credits: Mario Huth

Some key figures

Since Summer 2016, the Jura Synchro newsroom has written more than 300 news, shared more than 200 photos, made more than 170 videos and clips and launched more than 30 advertisements on Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, the Google Network and Facebook. This represents more than 1.5 million people who have heard about synchro in the past two years. It's still not enough but it's the beginning.

The Jura Synchro family

Jura Synchro is a platform that brings people together. And all this enthusiasm would not be possible without the excellent volunteer correspondents who, season after season, offer articles, reactions and take you behind the scenes of the competitions. You may have seen them already during a competition, a camera in the hand, or a tablet placed on the knees. They make you relive the most beautiful emotions of synchro. 

We also thank the photographers who share their images and give us chills with their work.

More and more people are joining our team. Now it's more than 35 people around the world who share this passion with us. And without them, Jura Synchro would be a common and uninteresting website. We wish to congratulate and thank warmly all those people who give their time for synchro during the year.


And of course, thank you for following Jura Synchro and loving synchronized skating.

If you have any suggestions, remarks, ideas or if you want to become a correspondent or photographer for Jura Synchro, do not hesitate to write to us at info@jurasynchro.com.

This sport, we love it, and we will help him grow!

Remo De Tomi
Co-founder of Jura Synchro