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[PARTNER] Neuchâtel ready to host a great competition weekend!


The Helsinki Rockettes from Finland are one of the favorite teams in the senior category (here during their short program "Tiger"). / Credits: Janne Koistinen

The 2018 Tissot Neuchâtel Trophy will take place this weekend in Switzerland. Scattered into four different categories, twenty-four teams from around the globe will compete. With strong competitors, the event will be thrilling.  


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In the Senior division, the public will be able to discover eight teams: Ice Storm from Brisbane in Australia, Nova from Montreal (Canada), Olympia who have arrived from Prague... not forgetting the United States represented this year by Crystallettes and Haydenettes, multiple American champions.

The competition would not be so exciting without the participation of the three Finnish teams: Team Unique, winners of the 2013 World Championships, the Helsinki Rockettes, triple world champions in 2008, 2010 and 2011 and Lumineers, a brand new team that intends to return home with a medal.

In the Junior category, eight teams will also compete for a place on the podium. Apart from the two Australian teams (Iceskateers Elite and Southern Sky Junior), Central Europe will be represented by the Ladybirds and Shining Blades from Italy and Switzerland will present its famous Cool Dreams Juniors.

The talented Finnish, Team Mystique and Team Fintastic (2017 national champion and 2017 junior world vice-champion) will also be in Neuchâtel, as will the Ann Arbor Hockettes from the United States. This American team can count on one of the most ancient traditions of synchronized skating in the world.

The Tissot Neuchâtel Trophy will also allow other categories to compete. Two Basic Novice teams from Australia and Italy will kick off the competition on Saturday. In the Mixed Age division, six teams will skate on Sunday afternoon in the Littoral ice rink of Neuchâtel.

The competition will kick off on Saturday, January 20th at 3:50 PM (local time) with the Basic Novice category preceded by an opening ceremony at 3:00 PM. Juniors will skate at 4:30 PM and Senior at 6:00 PM.

On Sunday, January 21st, the Mixed Age category will start at 3:00 PM, then the free junior programs will run from 4:00 PM to pass to seniors at 5:45 PM.

Do not miss the livestream of the competition (free)!

More about the competition

Official hashtag: #tissotneuchateltrophy

Results - TOP 3

Neuchâtel Trophy 2018
Neuchâtel (SUI)
JAN 19, 2018 - JAN 21, 2018

Mixed Age
TEAM Score
1Starlight (SUI)54.68
2Snowflakes (SUI)53.56
3Ice Storms (SUI)43.84

TEAM Score
1Team Fintastic (FIN)160.58
2Team Mystique (FIN)152.60
3Hockettes (USA)114.94

TEAM Score
1Helsinki Rockettes (FIN)202.96
2Team Unique (FIN)186.57
3Haydenettes (USA)185.83