Synchro Unfolded At Korean National


Three novice teams and one senior team entered the competition. All teams skated in the same morning including senior team Team Blessing delivering both Short Program and Free Skating. / Credits: Roy Ng Photography

Synchronized skating event of the 99th National Winter Game Figure Skating Competition of South Korea took place on 13 Jan 2018 in Taereung Indoor Icefield of Seoul. Read more to discover what is happening in the synchro scene of Fast East.


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In the novice categories, the three teams of competitors were elementary school students from Seoul, Daegu and Jeonbuk regions of South Korea. They performed their Free Skating programs only.

The winner of Daegu representatives set a high bar for their peers as they took the ice first. Many elements were executed well with energy and smooth flow. Move elements reflected well the strength of individual skaters. Overall the rhythmic music was interpreted well.

Another team Inhu Elementary School from Jeonju of Jeonbuk area also made a positive impression. Skating to “Uptown Funk” the team started with eye-catching dances which went well with pink tops they were wearing. The shape of the travelling circle was maintained and it smoothly transited into a subsequent element. Transition during wheel was also well timed with the music.

The third team from Lila Elementary School of Seoul skated to music selected from the ever classic “Beauty and the Beast” in classy yellow dresses. The music was edited well.

Daegu's novice team won the competition. / Credits: Roy Ng Photography

“La La Land” has become a favorite among many synchro teams this season and it is no exception in South Korea. Dressed in sparkling blue dresses, Senior team Team Blessing picked “Someone in the Crowd” as the music of their energetic Short Program. Consistent spacing was maintained when executing the pivot block, and the circle element was pleasantly choreographed.

Afterward, they changed into another set of costumes for the Free Program while Novice teams were competing on the ice. Their "Moulin Rouge" Free Program which conveyed a variety of mood was paired with black dresses. Choreography reflected the flow of emotion as the music progressed. The team was greeted by rapturous applause when the group lifts were executed.

For the 2018 Peace Olympics

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Although there are not many synchro competitions in Korea, the National event is certainly a good opportunity for teams from different parts of Korea to get together and showcase their best. The exceptionally cold week in January 2018 was simply no deterrent to the strong-willed synchro skaters as they made their all-out effort. The novice teams show promising potential and Team Blessing is ready for Spring Cup 2018 as their first participation in an ISU event.

Stay tuned to Jura Synchro for an interview with Team Blessing before they set sail for Italy!