Cup of Berlin: USA and Finland take home medals in Juniors


Skyliners, Starlights, and Valley Bay Synchro on the junior podium. / Credits: Roy Ng Photography

American skaters return home with medals in hand. The teams representing Finland were also victorious in the German capital. Read on to find out what happened in the 2018 Berlin Cup junior competition.

The second day of the Cup of Berlin 2018 started with excitement right from the beginning as spectators were impressed by the performance of teams the day before.

Junior teams skated first and all teams defended their rankings achieved in the short programs. The junior team Skyliners furthered their lead established from their short program and took the gold medal with a total score of 165.73. They were the only team who achieved more than 100 points in the free skating. They skated well to « Swan Lake » music with a smooth flow from beginning to the end. Their No-Hold element called at Level 4 was especially rated favorably. Also, the program’s music was smoothly edited to transit effortlessly.

The junior winners, the Skyliners representing the State of New York. / Credits: Roy Ng Photography

The other USA team silver medallist Starlights also delivered a pleasant program with intricacies despite some falls. The Circle element was in particular executed with speed and impressive dance. They achieved a total of 140.56 points from the two days of competition.

Finnish team Valley Bay Synchro followed closely with a program based on "Mongul" movie music and landed in the third position on the podium. As always Finnish fans demonstrated themselves as steadfast supporters for skaters of the two Finnish teams. The other Finnish team Stella Polaris scored 128.5 points in total.

It is worthy of note that teams have shown improvement as the season progresses. Both Jeanne d’Arc and Cool Dreams have improved from Wintercup 2017 but the French team improved more and came ahead this time. Jeanne d’Arc defeated the Swiss team by 11.07 points. Readers may remember that in Wintercup 2017 the Swiss team edged the French out by 0.08 point.

Other teams in this category also deserve special mentions.

The beautiful dresses worn by Team Berlin Junior were part of highlights of the night. Careful placement of 4-colour skaters resulted in a lively kaleidoscopic performance which reflected well the happy atmosphere of « La La Land » music. It was certainly an elaboration from Team Berlin 1’s angel and devil theme last season in terms of coordinating positions of colors.

Also, South Korean team Angels enjoyed their international debut and support from the spectators.

Discover now the results of the Senior division

Results - TOP 3

Cup of Berlin 2018
Berlin (GER)
JAN 04, 2018 - JAN 07, 2018

Mixed Age
TEAM Score
1United Angels (GER)43.78
2Munich Synergy (GER)36.52
3Starlets (GER)33.90

TEAM Score
1Skyliners (USA)165.73
2Starlights (USA)140.56
3Valley Bay Synchro (FIN)136.26

TEAM Score
1Skyliners (USA)180.74
2Team Berlin 1 (GER)165.28
3Miami University (USA)162.32

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Diamond Edges (FIN)57.95
2Ice Effect (FIN)49.53
3Skating Graces (GER)36.68