2018 starts truly this weekend in Berlin and Mississauga!


In the German capital, Team Berlin Juniors will present their free program full of colors. / Credits: Mario Huth

Two important events will take place this weekend on each side of the Atlantic Ocean. 23 teams from 9 different countries will compete at the Cup of Berlin, while teams from North America will live their famous Winterfest in Canada.

2018 Winterfest and ISU World Junior Qualifier

This is one of the most expected competitions of the year… Winterfest will run from Friday to Sunday in the Hershey Center in Mississauga, Canada. Sanctioned by Skate Ontario, the competition will host teams skating in more than 15 different categories.

In the Senior division, for example, NEXXICE and Nova will represent Canada while Adrian College will defend the American colors.

This event is also the 2018 ISU World Junior Synchronized Skating Championship Qualifier. Five teams will try to step onto the podium and get their tickets for the World Championships that will take place in Zagreb in March. In addition to the Hockettes from the U.S., Nova, NEXXICE, Gold Ice and Les Suprêmes will compete in the stadium. Last year, NEXXICE Junior took the gold, beating Les Suprêmes that did the best score in the short programs.

In 2017, the NEXXICE Junior team from Burlington qualified as Team Canada 1. / Credits: Sean McKinnon

Cup of Berlin 2018

On Friday and Saturday, the German city of Berlin will be the European center for synchronized skating. Five senior teams of a world-level will be skating: Skyliners (USA), Miami University (USA), Team Ice United (NED), Team Illumination (NED) and the local Team Berlin 1.

The Swiss team Cool Dreams will open the junior division, followed by the French Jeanne d’Arc, Starlight, Stella Polaris, Valley Bay Synchro, Skyliners, Angels from Korea and Team Berlin Juniors. The Advanced Novice category will gather 5 teams. In the Mixed Age division, four teams will be competing.

Last season, Marigold Ice Unity from Finland took the gold in the senior division and Skyliners (USA) was the junior champion.

Stay tuned on Jura Synchro this weekend for complete results, analysis, and pictures of those two competitions!

Results - TOP 3

Cup of Berlin 2018
Berlin (GER)
JAN 04, 2018 - JAN 07, 2018

Mixed Age
TEAM Score
1United Angels (GER)43.78
2Munich Synergy (GER)36.52
3Starlets (GER)33.90

TEAM Score
1Skyliners (USA)165.73
2Starlights (USA)140.56
3Valley Bay Synchro (FIN)136.26

TEAM Score
1Skyliners (USA)180.74
2Team Berlin 1 (GER)165.28
3Miami University (USA)162.32

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Diamond Edges (FIN)57.95
2Ice Effect (FIN)49.53
3Skating Graces (GER)36.68

TEAM Score
1Les Pirouettes (CAN)95.40
2Nexxice (CAN)95.13
3Meraki (CAN)90.68

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Nova (CAN)95.20
2Les Suprêmes (CAN)89.55
3Nexxice (CAN)83.00

TEAM Score
1Nexxice (CAN)136.61
2Ilderton Precisionnaires (CAN)122.89
3Gold Ice (CAN)120.73

TEAM Score
1Nexxice (CAN)199.40
2Nova (CAN)181.43
3Adrian College (USA)124.71

TEAM Score
1Les Suprêmes (CAN)159.10
2Nexxice (CAN)154.18
3Gold Ice (CAN)124.50