Trento Cup has started in Italy


The Ice Diamonds did a total of 24.10 points for their short program. They finished at the 4th provisional place. / Credits: Ice Diamonds

Welcome to Italy! The first synchronized skating competition, Trento Cup 2017, has begun on Saturday evening in the Trento ice rink. First day's recap.

On Saturday, five Junior and two Senior teams made their debut and the tension was palpable. All the athletes were ready to give their best. This competition is valid to acquire the minimum technical score that the Italian federation set for teams to be able to participate in other international competitions. 

This year, the minimum technical score required is a total of 18 points for advanced novice programs. Juniors must reach 13 technical points in the short program and 19 in the free program. For seniors, the minimum is respectively 13 and 25 points.

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For the junior short programs segments of the competition, the teams presented various kind of programs. Teams Flying Angels and Ladybirds chose rhythmical kinds of music like "Cuba" by Robert Abigail & DJ Rebel ft. The Gibson Brothers and "Here to Stay" by Christina Aguilera.Teams Shining Blades and Ice Diamonds preferred more powerful ones. Shining Blades will skate this season to "Girl on fire" by Alicia Keys and Ice Diamonds "Welcome to the black parade" by My Chemical romance. Team Hot Shivers selected a more romantic music instead: "Con te partirò" by Div4s.

For the senior short program, both teams have been inspired by movie soundtracks. Team Flying Angel presented a medley of "La La Land" while team Hot Shivers skated on the "East of Eden" main theme.

The impression was that all the programs still need a bit of training, but for sure all the athletes gave their best on Saturday night. Out of all the competitors, only teams Hot Shivers Junior, Flying Angel Senior and Hot Shivers Senior reached the goal of the minimum technical score for the short program. 

Tomorrow during the free programs segments some surprises could arise. In fact from the second to the fifth places the results are really close by, so anything could happen!

Look here at the provisional results 

Results - TOP 3

Trento Cup 2017
Trento (ITA)
NOV 10, 2017 - NOV 12, 2017

TEAM Score
1Hot Shivers Senior (ITA)112.17
2Flying Angels (ITA)98.03

TEAM Score
1Hot Shivers Junior (ITA)93.13
2Ladybirds (ITA)72.84
3Shining Blades (ITA)62.12

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Hot Shivers Novice (ITA)37.19