All you need to know about the 1st Autumn Cup in Spain


The first edition of the Autumn Cup gathered six teams from Spain but also from Belgium and Great Britain. /Credits: Federacion Española de Deportes de Hielo

The first edition of the Autumn Cup took place at the Mulhacén Pavilion in Granada this weekend. Great Britain dominated the Junior and Novice Advanced categories, while the Senior competition was won by the Belgian Team Phoenix.

After winning the short program competition, the junior team Icicles skated a good free program with a score of 63.32 points. The British skaters presented programs of very high level. In some elements such as the line, the athletes have reached a level 4 performance. Placed 2nd, the Madrid team, Team Mirum scored 46.64 points. The skaters from Majadahonda have been skating together for a short time. 

In the senior division, the victory in the free program went to the Phoenix Belgians, who won the competition on Sunday with a score of 58.86 points. Madrid's Team Fusion team scored 47.14 points.

Saturday in the short program, the Spaniards achieved the best score thanks to a good performance of the elements. Their free program needs to be further improved to compete with the Belgians. The team had to score with five penalty points following several falls. "We had prepared our elements well but the falls affected us during the program. The bad feeling was also in the attitude of the team but we managed to finish the program, " said Team Fusion captain Paola López. "Even if the technical level of the Madrid team is good, sometimes things do not go the way you want," added Team Fusion coach Amanda Hartman.

The main goal of the season for Team Fusion will be to participate in the World Championships that will take place in April in Sweden.

In the novice field, two teams competed in Spain this weekend. The British Shadows won the competition with 43.71 points. Second, the Sapphire of Madrid did a total of 27.13 points.

Our first night in Granada ready to compete with our new programme on Sunday!!! 💍👑

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In addition to sporting aspects, it should be noted that the first edition of this Autumn Cup in Andalusia was able to count on a panel of first-level judges recommended by the head of the ISU Technical Committee, Christopher Buchanan. The awards ceremony was attended by the sports advisor of the city of Granada, Gerardo Castillo, its director of sports, Carlos Melero, and the president of the Andalusian Federation of Winter Sports, Juan Luis Hernandez.

Source: Federación Española de Deportes de Hielo