The very first Lumière Cup is born


The Netherlands is developing a new competition. From this season, the international Lumière Cup will host all categories in Eindhoven. The event is organized by the Dutch Federation on 3-4 March 2017.

Senior A/B, Junior A/B, Mixed Age, Novice A/B, Pre-Juvenile, Juvenile and Adult are invited to compete at the IJssportcentrum in Eindhoven, a city located 12 miles from the Belgium border and 37 miles from the German border. Eindhoven also has an airport.

You’ve never heard about this place ? Eindhoven is already familiar with synchronized skating because Kids on Ice teams are practising there. Teams Illumination, Illuminettes, Illuminique, Illuminice are based in this city. 

The competition will open with an opening ceremony which will start 30 minutes before the beginning of the competition. Teams who want to participate have to register until the 4th of December to the Lumière Cup.

Results - TOP 3

Lumière Cup 2017
Eindhoven (NED)
MAR 03, 2017 - MAR 04, 2017

TEAM Score
1Team Illumination (NED)91.18

TEAM Score
1Black Diam’s (FRA)93.08
2Illuminettes (NED)66.20

Mixed Age
TEAM Score
1Team Butterfl Ice (GER)39.99
2New Horizons (GER)37.35
3Ice Fire (POL)34.69

Junior B
TEAM Score
1Ice on Fire (ITA)61.98
2Team Ice Fire (POL)46.96
3Team Ixia (BEL)35.30