"Kaisa, the Rockettes head coach, gave us great advice"


The Zazous have been coached this summer by the head coach of the senior Rockettes of Finland. / Credits: José Da Silva

The Zazous, a junior team training in Lyon, France, competed for the first time last weekend at Compiègne during the Masters. After a busy summer, the athletes are very well prepared for the season.

With a score of 26.25 points, the Zazous team came in third place at the Compiègne Masters, the first international competition of the season. "This Summer, we had the chance to work with Kaisa, Rockettes head coach. She gave us great advice. Then we had lessons reserved for the physical preparation, the relaxation and finally, we worked at lot off-ice. We also had the privilege of presenting our program in front of an audience. The week before the Masters, we trained every day, " said Eulalie, captain of the team.

From Trolls to Egypt

"This year, the music from our short program is from the movie "The Trolls". Throughout the program, we tell the story and embody these fantastic creatures. In fact, we leave our world to discover the city and the modern world" continues Carla, captain. For the free program, the team chose to skate on the theme of Egypt.

The team placed in 3rd position at the Masters with a total of 26.25 points for the short program with a deduction because of a piece of tunic fallen on the ice. Julie, captain of the team: "The Masters were our first competition, we fixed the last details and we were ready. We did a good performance but unfortunately, we had small individual errors, which was not up to our expectations".

The captain trio finishes by pointing out that the team now knows how to progress thanks to the advice of the judges with whom the team watched and analyzed their program. "So we know what we have to work for next competitions!"