Team Surprise Stars in Sonja Henie biopic


Team Surprise during the filming of Sonja Henie's movie. Sonja Henie was a Norwegian skater and actress. She's known in the world of skating thanks to its three titles of Olympic champion and ten titles of world champion. / Credits: Sarah Oulahna

Team Surprise is off to an unusual and exciting start this season, to say the least. The Swedish team has just spent the past two weeks in Romania rehearsing and shooting scenes of Queen of Ice, a Sonja Henie biopic, alongside Finnish skater Kiira Korpi.

“Being a part of a movie reflecting Sonja’s career and life has been a great honour” says Nathalie Lindqvist, captain for Team Surprise. “ Shooting a movie and being actresses was a new world that deeply differs from our daily lives. The most pleasant part is that there was this clear common denominator which is an incredibly strong love for this sport. It has been a lovely experience to meet all the people that worked with us during these few weeks whether they are skaters, actors or production staff. We are really excited to see the final results, but first we are heading back to work hard for our main goal… A world championship at home in Stockholm! See you there!”

The eventful life of the three times Olympic champion, trendsetter and Hollywood star Sonja Henie is staged by the talented Anne Sewitsky, winner of the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance festival for her debut piece Happy Happy.

Norwegian actress Ine Marie Wilmann plays the role of the famous figure skating icon while Kiira Korpi doubles her on the ice.

Enjoying last day of shooting 🎬⛸ #skatesweden #sonjahenie #sonjaheniethemovie

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Queen of Ice is co-produced by Maipo film AS and Subotica, in collaboration with Avanti and Nordisk Film; and is scheduled to be released by the end of 2018.