Andrea Gilardi (ITA): "Worlds? Always a special atmosphere!"


Andrea Gilardi and Team Italy at Worlds 2017 in Colorado Springs (USA). /Credits : Hot Shivers

World Synchronized Skating Championships have been the last competition of the season for the Italian senior team Hot Shivers. How did you feel about this American experience? What is preparing the team for the new season? Let's talk with Andrea Gilardi, head coach. 

Are you satisfied with your performance in Colorado Springs this year?

Andrea Gilardi: World Championships in North America have always a special atmosphere. The place, the crowd, the feelings. Everything is so special and our expectations are usually fulfilled. In spite of the many injuries occurred during the season and some just before leaving for Colorado Springs my team had two beautiful performances. I wasn't so optimistic few days before the competition. I knew they would have done the best possible but they went far beyond my expectations.

Do you think you deserved a better score in the ranking? 

Andrea Gilardi: I believe that the unfortunate draw that made my team skate in the first group in the short program affected the total score even in the free skating. This time surprises came from everywhere: very low technical levels and to me, a little underrated in the components score especially after such good performances.

The Italian team after the short program. /Credits: Hot Shivers

Synchronized skating has developed and evolved during these latest years, requiring more physical and mental strength and more complex figures and skating skills than ever. Let's talk about the new season, are you already working and training for it?

Andrea Gilardi: We do our best to keep the level as high as possible. It's difficult to keep up with the continuous increase of the technical requirements and sometimes I must change my strategy to help my team getting better marks. We will start shortly working on the new programs. For once it's possible to start earlier thanks to the ISU Techincal Committee who was able to publish the communications in advance. Usually, we had to wait until the middle of July before having a clearer idea of how to build the new programs.

Do you already have an idea for the new programs?

Andrea Gilardi: Our short program will be on the emotional notes of "East of Eden". In our free skating program we want to totally change the mood and we will skate on the joyful soundtrack of "La La Land".

Skaters from Italy after their performances at Worlds, Colorado Springs (USA). /Credits : Hot Shivers

We know that Hot Shivers has another appointment before the season begins: the Opera On Ice, an epic show with the performance of the most important figure skaters of the world. Could we have some scoops about the 2018 edition?

Andrea Gilardi: It's the seventh year that we have the privilege to be part of this unbelievable and unique show and we are proud to show what synchronized skating is in front such a big audience. The Arena can accommodate up to 15’000 people and last year we had three sold out shows and the show is aired on TV during Christmas time. Actually, I can't say much about it because of the contract we signed but for sure it's a development of what was done in the previous years with amazing scenic design and some jaw-dropping « coup de théâtre ». Sorry but I can't say more than this but I invite everybody to watch something so special in such an exclusive theater.

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Results - TOP 3

ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships 2017
Colorado Springs (USA)
APR 07, 2017 - APR 08, 2017

TEAM Score
1Team Paradise (RUS)208.70
2Marigold IceUnity (FIN)208.58
3Nexxice (CAN)197.54