Become the voice of Jura Synchro


Our newsroom is currently looking for a voice talent, an individual who could record his/her voice on the Jura Synchro videos. You like journalism, English is your mother tongue and you’re interested in dubbing? Check out this opportunity.


Jura Synchro is a media dedicated to synchronized skating in the world. The goals are to promote and popularize this sport, speaking about different teams and competitions, publishing news, photos and of course videos. In order to carry out all these projects, the newsroom is seeking for a person who has English as a mother tongue and is capable of dubbing voluntarily his/her voice in Jura Synchro videos.

Volunteer job opportunity: Vocal cover and recording

The videos will only be published in Jura Synchro platforms. The video formats could be a teaser, an interview or for a promotional video for synchronized skating. The newsroom will send directly short sentences to the person who will record them. Jura Synchro channel is constantly growing and has already more than 700 followers.

Experience: No experience needed.

Material: A smartphone with a dictaphone in order to send the voices through WhatsApp.

Time needed: max 15 to 30 minutes per month

All interested candidates must submit a mail with an example of their voice to ! The text you have to read is: "Hello, my name is... and I would like to become the voice of Jura Synchro". The last date for applications is 7th June, 2017.