With a narrow lead, Paradise confirm their World title


The 2017 champions: Marigold Ice Unity (FIN) - silver medal, Paradise (RUS) - gold medal and Nexxice (CAN) - bronze medal. /Credits : Roy Ng

And the gold... for Team Paradise! The Russian team won on Saturday night the ISU Seniors World Synchronized Skating Championships in Colorado Springs, USA. The Finnish Marigold Ice Unity took the silver medal at a few tenths of a point and the Canadian Nexxice received the bronze.


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Sweet Mozart from Austria was again the first team to compete. The team skated a clean program to « Sun and Steel » and « Wild Child ». Dressed in black and white, the team earned 54.02 for its free skate for a total of 79.45 points. They moved up to one place to finish at the 21st place.

Team Australia, Team Infusion presented a jazzy free program. Coached by Genevieve Hohnen, this team from Perth did 61.09 points during the (total score: 89.97).

Team Netherlands were the 3rd team to skate on Saturday afternoon. Team Illumination played Spiderman in original dark costumes. Two falls appeared during the death spirals and one during the group lifte. The team from Eindhoven got 50.48 for a total of 80.11 points.

With a mysterious music, Team Turquoise representing Turkey skated its free program to « Tempest » by Cirque du Soleil. For its dark program, the team earned 49.51 points to reach a total of 78.92 points.


Representing Great Britain, Zariba interpreted Gladiator by Hans Zimmer. This team from Aberdeen, Scotland, earned 55.21 points for the free with a deduction (total: 85.15).

Team Spain brought a nice atmosphere in the arena with a warm program on the Burlesque Soundtrack. The team, who trains in Madrid did 4 great « sitting lifts » and high moves. They earned a total of 70.64 points for their free for a total score of 104.91 points.

« Hello », the Team Czech Republic said at the beginning of the free program. Olympia had a fall just before the first intersection but they managed it well and presented a clean element. The team did a colorful program 72.26 total 110.00.
Coach: Jitka Mokra, Katerina Urbanova Music: The Beatles

Team Switzerland did a clean rocky free program to the musics « Good to be bad » and « Separate Ways ». 16th after the short, Cool Dreams Senior did 84.81 points for a total score of 126.79 points.

Team Croatia also choose to skate to a Beatles Medley for the free skate. Zagreb Snowflakes had unfortunate falls in the first group lift. The Croatian team earned 63.31 points (total score: 99.54).


The 3rd group started with Team Hungary who offered a free program to a selection of musics Sex and the City 2. Dressed in yellow costumes, the team from Budapest had a fall in the intersection and earned 85.40 points (total score: 128.44 points).

Team Italy did a clean free program to « Strength of an empire » and « Age of gods ». Coached by Andrea Gilardi, Hot Shivers Senior skated in a good unison. Their free program brought them 96.24 points for a total of 141.90.

With a program on the theme of Titanic, Team Japan, Jingu Ice Messengers, skate in blue and shiny dresses on Saturday evening. The team from Tokyo did a creative and emotional program and earned 99.54 points for a total of 146.84 points.

The audience reserved a warm welcome to Team France who skated a clean free program. Les Zoulous received 97.64 points for their punchy performance to « Route 66 », « XXL » and « I've been wrong so long ». 11th after the short, the Franch team finished with 0.01 point more than Team Japan.

Team Sweden took the ice to skate their « Murderer Mistery ». Team Boomerang coached by Frida Malmqvist and Camilla Södermark did 96.33 points in the free program for a total of 144.62 points.


Public ovation for Team Canada 2, Les Suprêmes at the start of the 4th group. The team of Marilyn Langlois and Pascal Denis skated an incredible performance on Saturday evening. After the problems in the short program, the team really showed a high skating and a great team spirit. With their program « Alive » by Sia, they earned in the free program 125.81 for a total of 179.42 points.

After the Canadian, white angels and black demons arrived on the ice of Colorado Springs. Team Germany skated an expressive free program. Team Berlin 1, the skaters coached by Gert Hofmann and Ida Hellström got 104.11 points (total score: 155.29).

« Magnus Hyden », « Torn » and « Alive »… Team Sweden presented a clean and energetic free program. Dressed in shiny and elegant dresses, Team Surprise earned 121.43 (total score: 180.47).

Supported by the audience, Team United States of America 2, Crystallettes from Dearborn did the show with a magical program to « The Sorcerer's Apprentice ». Coached by Shannon Peterson, H. Malewski and C. Dalton, the American team had 2 falls in the intersection. They got 107.77 points for the free for a total of 163 points.

Team Russia 2 played perfect Charlie Chaplins. With their flashy red gloves, Tatarstan from Kazan did a clean program in the Broadmoor World Arena. The team received for this performance 124.50 points. After two programs, they got 187,33 points.


The tension was palpable in the full arena. The top 5 five were preparing for their free program in front of a crowded arena and the public was dancing.

Skaters from Team United States of America 1 were the first to present their free program to Prince. The Haydenettes, coached by Saga Krantz and Adam Blake had a fall during the moves. They earned a total of 130.53 points for their free (total: 194.43 points). Haydenettes did the 3rd best score in the free program.

Then, Team Canada 1, known as Nexxice, arrived in the arena. Dressed with red and one black dresses, the Canadian skated a very emotional program. Called « The Widow », the team from Burlington received 130.37 points for their free for a total score of 197.54 points.

Nexxice - Team Canada 1 /Credits : Roy Ng

With purple and shiny dresses, Team Russia 1 took place on the ice. As on Friday Event, Paradise skated with 15 skaters because of announced injured athletes. The team did an impressive performance to « Warsaw Concerto » by Richard Addinsell.
They earned 136.08 points for the free. With a total of 208.70 points, Team Paradise took the gold medal. « We can’t believe that we confirmed our title », Elya the team’s captain said in the press conference.

The Finnish fans had to wait until the very end of the competition to watch their teams competing. Skating as Team Finland 2, Rockettes, presented « Valkyrie », an original free program about the power women in the world. Unfortunately, the team fell and had 4 points deduction. 3rd after the short program, the team from Helsinki finished at the 5th place (free program: 124.69 points, total score: 193.87 points).

Marigold IceUnity closed this amazing competition. The girls of Anu Oksanen and Tiina Turunen skated an incredible program about musics of Jean Sibelius. Team Finland 1 won the free competition with a total of 137.70 points. But it wasn’t enough to grab the gold title. The Finnish score was 208.58 and it missed 0.12 points to become the champion. « It was an amazing feeling to skate in front of a such incredible audience. We left our hearts on the ice and did our best », Marika the team’s captain said with emotion in the press conference.


Results - TOP 3

ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships 2017
Colorado Springs (USA)
APR 07, 2017 - APR 08, 2017

TEAM Score
1Team Paradise (RUS)208.70
2Marigold IceUnity (FIN)208.58
3Nexxice (CAN)197.54