More than 30 teams in Biasca this weekend


Last competition before the 2017 Mixed Age Trophy for the Swiss Snowflakes who won the competition this weekend. /Credits : Jura Synchro 

The 10th Biasca Trophy took place on Sunday in Ticino, Switzerland. More than 30 non-ISU teams from 3 different countries skated under the spring sunshine. Look at the results!

The Mixed Age category was definitively the biggest and the most interesting division this year with 11 teams engaged. The victory went to Snowflakes from Huttwil (SUI), followed by Starlight and the Italian Frost Fairies. The scores were very close between place 5th to 7th with only 0.39 point difference.

Team Onyx (SUI) /Credits : Jura Synchro

At the Senior non-ISU level, Starlight Seniors from Zurich took the gold medal and Starlight Jewels won the silver title. Representing the city of Basel, Team Saphire was the bronze medalist. Team Unity completed the rankings.

In the Juvenile category, Olimpia Team from Italy placed 1st and Starlight (SUI) finished 2nd.

In Basic Novice, the podium was composed of Ice Spice from Switzerland, Frost Fairies (ITA) and Starlight Novice B.

The Basic Novice podium. /Credits : Jura Synchro 

Results - TOP 3

Biasca Trophy 2017
Biasca (SUI)
MAR 18, 2017 - MAR 19, 2017

Senior B
TEAM Score
1Starlight (SUI)67.41
2Starlight Jewels (SUI)60.32
3Team Saphire (SUI)55.33

Mixed Age
TEAM Score
1Snowflakes (SUI)57.05
2Starlight (SUI)51.65
3Frost Fairies (ITA)49.86