Junior Worlds... and their surprises!


Team Russia 2 - Junost /Credits : Sean McKinnon 

After the first day of short programs won by Russia, Junior teams from around the world presented their long programs on Saturday. And this 2nd day of competition has reserved a lot of surprises. Here are the Juniors teams ranked from 1 to 10th place. 

After the Italian team, it is the turn of the Swedish team 1 to enter on the ice. The "Freakshow" is about to begin!
The team skates with a lot of expressions, energy in its movement and gives us a real show.
They won the first place at the end of the 2nd group of the competition.

FP: 79.71
Overall: 120.98

Sweden 2 for its part delivers us a dark version of the jungle. The athletes begin their performance with their creative element and chain with a transition whose interaction of lines is impressive. The girls lose a little energy in their No Hold but manage to improve the following elements. Their Move Element slips so much that a line of eagles can not avoid touching the strip. The skaters managed to stay on their blades.

FP: 84.72
Overall: 131.53

At this point in the competition, we start to feel the tension in the ice rink: Who will be the competition's winner ?

At the beginning, Team USA 1 is impressive because the skater is in a horizontal position in the air and has her leg thrown over 110 degrees above her head. We can see some hesitations in the series of twizzles but the skaters take the top and execute it with determination. Their creative is also impressive as the pirouettes are made in unison and the lines of arabesques pass close to the latter without any hesitation. It is a "standing ovation" that the Americans receive at the end of their performance.

FP: 101.73
Overall: 156.06

Skyliners - Team USA 1 /Credits : Elodie Acheron 

The noise to welcome Nexxice Canadians is indescribable, the commentator has trouble to be heard. Team Canada 1 begins its long program on the sound of the wind that brings Mary Poppin's into the city. A silence reigns in the ice rink, we can only hear the notes of music playing. The program is choreographed so as to give the viewer images of the film. It was a free program without major errors that Canada offered Saturday night, leaving them nevertheless behind the United States 1.

FP: 101.19
Overall: 155.97


The second team of the country, Canada 2, is welcomed on the ice with the same atmosphere as the 1st Canadian team. The red and white flags float around the ice rink. These Canadian women play the role of secret agents who must have the best "party" of their lives. The coaches choreographed this program with lots of little movements that emphasize music. Example: At the end of the No Hold, the girls lean and press the bomb trigger while the others leap to explode. Interpretation is at its height throughout the program but it is not enough to go up in the final standings.

The captains, Alessia Arsenault and Marie-Ève Deschênes, confided in Jura Synchro. "Today was a new day, we do not think about the performance of the short program, we remain focused on our mission. But we did not change our recipe, we did the same thing as in practice, "commented the skaters. "To help us in this program, we have a story that we have built together. So that allows us to meet on the ice in the same place in our head. It was fun to see all the support from the Canadians, for some it was the first experience of Worlds. We appreciate it very much and are very lucky. Throughout the season, we had a great team chemistry but these World Championships were really great both on ice and off ice, with the team and the coaches, "added the 2016 World Champions.

FP : 98,83
Overall : 154,36

Suprêmes Juniors captains - Team Canada 2. /Credits: Elodie Acheron 

Team USA 2 begins its performance on "Human Experience" with an intersection, in which we have a fall just before the point of intersection. Apart from this small accident, the Americans deliver us a program with full confidence. The music helps them to keep the latter so much that it only rises to the last note.

FP: 95.22
Overall: 152.56

The Finns (Team Finland 2) climb on ice with a white dress with silver reflections. Their music lets us think that they are queens of snow.
We are lucky to see one of the most synchronized performance of the competition. By their extreme expression and the dynamism of each one, one senses that these skaters do not want to leave a single point on the table of the judges and hope to move up in the final rankings.

FP: 98.52
Overall: 156.24

Team Russia 1 skates its long program to Beethoven's 5 Secret. They begin in the center of the ice in groups to scatter like puppets. A fall during the preparation of the intersection deconcentrates the girls, which unfortunately makes them miss this element and 4 other skaters fall at the same time. Fans of all over the world encourage them to take over, but the energy boost is only short lived as they encounter other incidents at the end of the No Hold as well as 10 seconds from the final position. With this performance and 9 falls in total, Russia 1 lost its leading position in the competition and finished in 9th place on the long program and 8th in the final.

FP: 83.04
Overall: 145.59 (8th)

Angel or Demon ? 😇😈 by @nikiforovevgeniy

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Finland 1 arrived on the ice and had to wait until the technical panel reviews were finished to be announced. To wait, they were in a circle listening to the screams of the Finnish fans who sang "Suomi Finland".

They just start their program by miming the time on their watch. A fall also occurs when preparing the intersection. The first elements are executed a little too quickly, especially the "death spiral" in which we see several couples emerge a little ahead. But the second music reminds them to clamor and take the time (Slow Down, and take it easy). Another skater falls just before the start of their No Hold Element. It is a series of little twizzles that Finnish perform.
This program earned them 96.51 points which place them on the long program in 5th place and 2nd in the final, with 158.06 points.

Russia 2 is dressed in a beautiful red dress with an orange and yellow petticoat, they are birds of fire.

At this point in the competition, the place is wide open for them to take the 1st place. The choreography plays with the music that intensifies every second. The girls control everything, their movements, their skates. Only one fall is noted at five seconds from the final position. They finished at the first place in these 2017 Junior World Championships in Canada.

FP: 106.49
Overall: 168.83

Results - TOP 3

ISU World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships 2017
Mississauga (CAN)
MAR 10, 2017 - MAR 11, 2017

TEAM Score
1Junost (RUS)168.83
2Team Fintastic (FIN)158.06
3Musketeers (FIN)156.24