Junior Worlds closed in Mississauga, Canada


Cool Dreams Juniors (SUI) /Credits : Mario Huth 

The ISU World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships ended on Saturday night at the Hershey Center in Mississauga (CAN). Relive this competition with our correspondent in Canada. 

The team from Great Britain opened the long programs on the ice of the Hershey Center. The team offered a solid Bollywood medley and choreographed to emphasize the accents of the music. This time, they had no fall.

FP: 54.30
Overall: 76.80

Then, the girls from Turkey gave us a charming free program on "My Love" with the captivating voice of Sharon Kovacs. The creative at the end of the program allowed to highlight the technical potential of this team, in terms of free skating (pirouettes and jumps).

"We are happy with our performance, we are getting better every year and we still have a lot to learn and develop," said Eylul Yaras, 17 years old, skater of the Turkish team. "I liked the atmosphere here in Mississauga because it is not very popular in my country," added the Turkish athlete.

FP: 35.06
Overall: 54.68

Golden Roses (TUR) /Credits : Elodie Acheron 

Dressed in yellow, the Spanish then performed a program without major error on the soundtrack of the film "Hairspray". It is the first team of the competition that has proposed to the public volts in its program.

FP: 48.41
Overall: 77.63

"Lady Marmelade" echoed in our ears when the Australian team began its program. It is on "Roxanne" that they execute their No Hold Element. They finished their program with "Diamonds are a Girls best friends", a song highlighted by the red dresses and a diamond necklace. Thus, they took the first place of their group.

FP: 50.56
Overall: 78.90

After the resurfacing, 16 "Super Mario Bros" took place on the ice. The Swiss played well their role of video games icons. They were able to share each moment with the public who rightly appreciated the show. A small fall has unfortunately just happened at the end transition.

FP: 59.29
Overall: 91.68

Team France began with a moonlight sonata, a dramatic and intense music. The team evolved with calm and grace. The program then extended with "Clubbed to Death Matrix" and "Toccata" and the atmosphere became even more gloomy. The team of France delivered a program full of emotions in accordance with the theme. The team lost 1 point for a deduction, due to a fall.

FP: 64.58
Overall: 102.19

Czech robots arrived on the ice, just after France. The colors blue and gray electric put the viewers in the mood before the music even begam. It was a dynamic and ultra modern program that the Czech Republic performed. A fall came in the series of twizzles but it was immediately forgotten as the music rose in power. The spectators encouraged and applauded them until the end of the program.

Filip Taschler, 17 years old, has been skating for thirteen years and has been doing synchro in the Czech Republic for five years. "I started synchronized skating because I like expressions and perform for others. I really liked to finish in front of the Italy team but it is not something we control. One never knows what the final result will be in competition, "commented the young man who also did ice dance with his sister. "We had a good feeling on the weekend. I really like Canada and I think the competition was very well organized, "added the skater.

FP: 70.32
Overall: 109.13

The Italian team was then welcomed on the ice. The skaters started their choreography by playing with the glass of the famous detective: Sherlock Holmes. It was a clean, no-drop program that the Italians showed on Saturday afternoon on the Mississauga ice.

FP: 70.03
Overall: 110.37

Hot Shivers (ITA) /Credits : Elodie Acheron 

The public was excited to welcome the team from Germany. The team skated to "The Jungle Book".
A fall in the preparation of the intersection and another one at the exit of this same element costed them a few points.

FP: 71.66
Overall: 114.29

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Results - TOP 3

ISU World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships 2017
Mississauga (CAN)
MAR 10, 2017 - MAR 11, 2017

TEAM Score
1Junost (RUS)168.83
2Team Fintastic (FIN)158.06
3Musketeers (FIN)156.24