Junior Worlds: Russia finished top after the short programs


Teams from Russia and Finland were high placed after the short. /Credits: Elodie Acheron 

Hershey Center is again the captial of synchro! After Winterfest a few weeks ago, the Canadian ice rink hosts this weekend the ISU World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships. On Friday, the 19 teams presented their short programs in Mississauga (CAN). Russia skated to narrow lead. 

On the ice of Mississauga, the competition was launched by the Australia who presented a medley of the Destiny's Child and Beyoncé’s music (SP: 28.34 points).

Then, Team France entered on the ice just after launching their battle cry: "JDA, go Rouen." This team composed of a boy and 15 skaters evolved on "The Envy" of the French singer Johnny Halliday. They gave us a program full of emotion, demonstrating a desire to do well and the public enjoyed. For the technical panel, it seems to have had several reviews because it took time to receive the notes. In the end, Team France won 37.61 points.

Girls from Great Britain performed their short program on the music of « Forever Young ». Several small incidents arrived: 2 falls in the arabesques in the Move Element, 1 fall before the Whip Intersection and 1 last fall just in the transition to the end position and the team lose many points both on the technical note and at GOE levels. The public strongly encouraged the team by supporting them during the program (SP: 22.50 points).


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Team Spain, all dressed in black, took place on a fresh ice. They delivered a sexy performance "Man I Feel like a woman". In the middle of the Whip Intersection, the girls undressed to reveal a beautiful red dress, such as Shania Twain in her video clip. This surprise was greatly appreciated by the audience, who also had the opportunity to meet Javier Fernandez, the world-renowned freestyle skater in the public. The Spanish team, Team Mirum, got 29.22 points on Friday.

And Team Switzerland arrived and skated during 2 minutes 40 seconds to "Shatter Me", a music a little more dramatic, accompanied by violin. The Swiss skaters, coached by Eveliina Lundmann, scored 32.39 points.

Turkey is the team that seems to have the youngest athletes in the whole competition. They skated on "Big Spender", a music offering a suitable rhythm for the audience to applaud from beginning to end. SP: 19.62

The Italian team Hot Shivers has given us a quality performance on "I Remember Us" by Maxime Rodriguez who sung in French. The intensity of the music was underlined by the good skating of the skaters. When they leaved the ice, the girls did not seem satisfied with their performance (40.34 points).

Hot Shivers (ITA) Short program. /Credits: Diego Barbieri, FISG

The athletes from Sweden 1 performed a jazzy version of "Seven Nation Army" (Scott Bradlee's Post Modern Jukebox). Unfortunately, they lost many points because of a fall in the circle and a second during the preparation of the intersection. However, Team Spirit managed to pull back on its last program element: No Hold Element. Their score after the short program is 41.27 points.

The German skaters have delivered a rhythm program on "Passion, Long live the Swing". Small execution errors made them lose a few points. They finished 10th after the short program with 42.63 points.

The United States 1, whose theme is "Crime Fighters", offered a dynamic show, perfectly matched with the music. The Skyliners have totaled on this short program 54.33 points, which currently places them 8th.

Team Berlin Juniors (GER) /Credits : Mario Huth

When Canada 2, the reigning world champion, arrived on the ice, the whole crowd stood to applaud them before they were even announced. The Supremes performed their Alice Russell "Seven Nation Army" program with great determination. Despite 2 falls (1 at the exit of the intersection and 1 on the No Hold) and 1 error on the Move Element, they remained concentrated until the end. They will start the long program in the provisional 6th place with 55.53 points.

Team Fintastic (Finland 1) performed a smooth and fast program, giving us the impression of floating on ice... Named "Somewhere over the rainbow", the Finnish team presented a solid performance which allowed it to obtain the score of 61.55 points (3rd place).

The Czech Republic team offered us an electric version of "Rolling in the Deep" by Aretha Franklin. Note that their only boy attracts the eye of the spectator by the quality of his skating and the intensity of his execution. Team Darlings thus had 38.81 points and finished 13th.

The American Lexettes (Team USA 2) skated without major errors, and no fall. Their program on Lindsey Stirling’s theme brought them 57.34 points, which is the 5th place.

Finland 2 (Musketeers) skated on Päivänsäde ja Menninkäinen, a Finnish song telling the story of a sunbeam and a fairy in the forest. For this program, the team coached by Anu and Jari Oksanen, earned 57.72 (4th place provisional).

The first Russian team offered a performance full of intensity on "Prayer in the night". In addition, the choice of dresses came to emphasize the theme, with half of the girls having white angel wings on their backs and the other half of the black wings to represent the evil of the night. Russia 1 (Crystal Ice) got Friday night the total of 62.55 points. This is the best score of the evening. They are therefore provisionally 1st.

Team Convivium skated on "Revenge" by Miley Cirus. Team Sweden 2 came out of the ice with great satisfaction. Passing after Russia was not easy as these skaters are known for their execution and flexibility. However, the Move Element has lost some important points. SP: 46.81, 9th.

"Oh darling" of the Beatles resonated throughout the ice with the Russian skaters. The program of Team Russia 2 is sensual and choreographed so that the girls play on the voices of the singers. The team of Elena Moshnova and Natalia Sannikova scored 62.34, placing them in the second position, just behind their compatriots.

The last team to take place on the ice was Team Canada 1. Nexxice were also welcomed by the whole crowd, even before the notes of their competitors were announced. The noise gave chills. The team then skated on "Lose Yourself" and "Coming Home"; A choice of song of predilection? The girls of Canada 1 are used to training in the Toronto area and have already performed at Winterfest in January on the same ice. Despite 1 fall at the end of the intersection, the Canadian skaters scored 54.78 points (7th place provisional).

Nexxice Junior (CAN) Short program. /Credits: Sean McKinnon 

The Junior world championship will conclude on Saturday with the free programs.

Sources: ISU, Skate Canada

Saturday, 11 March

Free Programs 15:00 - 18:22 (local time)
Closing Ceremony 18:25 (local time)

Results - TOP 3

ISU World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships 2017
Mississauga (CAN)
MAR 10, 2017 - MAR 11, 2017

TEAM Score
1Junost (RUS)168.83
2Team Fintastic (FIN)158.06
3Musketeers (FIN)156.24