Second competition for the French teams N2 in Lyon

In the Senior N2 division, Ex’L Ice from Paris took the 1st place. /Credits: Ex’L Ice

The second round of the N2 Nationals in France also called « Confluence Cup », took place last Sunday in the city of Lyon. A total of 22 teams from France but also Italy and Switzerland, separated into 7 different categories, competed on the ice.

The Mixed Age category was the biggest division. 8 teams were engaged, including one team representing Italy. The victory went to Atlandites from Bordeaux who finished with 38.68 points.

Les Etincelles placed second. This team, who was in Senior N » last season, is composed by skaters from 14 to 24 years old. Besides the synchro training (3,5 hours per week), each skater practices also alone between one or two hours. « Our ice rink sizes are 30 x30 meters, so that’s quite difficult to place the different elements of the program. Sometimes, we’re waiting for the competition and also the non-official practices to place the elements in the real dimensions », says Myriam, the Etincelles’s head coach. To prepare the season, the team travels to Lyon and follow a winter camp in the ski resort « Deux Alpes ». Maëva, a skater explains that « this is always a very good atmosphere ». This weekend Etincelles finished very close to the Atlantides team (38.27 points) but the team captains were satisfied: « We’re very happy with this score and we’ve now a few elements to improve. This result allows us to participate at the next Mixed Age Trophy that will be organized in Besançon next April. »

Etincelles in the Kiss & Cry corner. / Credits: Angie Harry

At the Senior National 2 level (N2), Ex’L Ice from Paris won the competition. This team, who is composed by skaters aged between 17 and 29, earned a total of 61.20 points. Last year, the victory went to a team who gathered skaters from different skating disciplines. Ex’L Ice practices about 2,5 hours per week and to prepare this competition, the team practiced more often and more intensively. « The team goal is to win the national French championships in our category », says Céline, the team manager. The Swiss team Cool Dreams and the Chrysalides from Valenciennes completed the podium.

Next competition for the national teams N2 in France: 18 - 19 March 2017, in Valenciennes for the final round.

Coupe Confluence 2017 - Senior National 2

1Ex’L Ice (FRA)61.20
2Cool Dreams Royal (SUI)54.47
3Chrysalides (FRA)51.28

Coupe Confluence 2017 - Juniors National 1

1Zazous (FRA)90.35
2Ice Diamonds (ITA)83.49

Coupe Confluence 2017 - Novice Advanced

1Chrysalides (FRA)41.59
2Magic Crystals (FRA)39.61
3Etincelines (FRA)32.44

Coupe Confluence 2017 - Novice Basic

1Ice Diamonds (FRA)29.93
2Soléiades (FRA)27.44

Coupe Confluence 2017 - Juvéniles

1Célénades (FRA)18.83
2Atlantides (FRA)15.72

Coupe Confluence 2017 - Mixed Age

1Atlantides (FRA)38.68
2Etincelles (FRA)38.27
3Mozaïks (FRA)32.41
4Olimpia Team (ITA)31.62
5Z’Hystérik (FRA)30.80
6Hermines (FRA)30.14
7Aphrodites (FRA)25.62
8Ice Eagles (FRA)16.40

Coupe Confluence 2017 - Adultes

1Cool Dreams Crystal (SUI)43.69
2Z’Hystorik (FRA)30.17

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