After French Cup, the reactions of top Senior teams


Team Unique from Helsinki, Finland, took the bronze in Rouen. /Credits : Kirsi Laine

Placed 1st and 3rd last weekend in Rouen, Team Paradise and Team Unique give their impressions after the international competition in France. The Russian team wants to maintain its leadership position and for the Finnish, the Nationals are fast approaching.

Team Unique

How did you live this 2017 French Cup in Rouen?

Ville Penttinen, Team Unique’s manager: « We’re really satisfied with the short program. The team had worked a lot with speed, technical levels, and artistic appearance. It was a well-performed program. The free program had an unfortunate fall in an important and valuable element. Most important thing was the realization that the team is competing equally with top teams in the World. Programs, technique, routine and choreography are well done, so that first place on the podium is on reach. »

One of your next steps will be Nationals in Finland where the final qualifications for the Worlds will be done. What are your feelings?

Ville Penttinen: « Good feelings. Good work has paid off and adjustments to the Nationals are small. »

Team Paradise

What’s your reaction after your victory in Rouen last weekend?

Dasha, Team Paradise’s captain: « We are very happy, that the top wave is still with us. But we also work hard for this. We had in France one of the best skatings in short program at the season, but there were several mistakes in the free. But we aren't too sad about it, it just means that we have to grow. »

How was this competition for you?

Dasha: « Very well, we love this city and it's always a great pleasure to skate here among the strong teams and feel the exciting atmosphere of the competition. So I think it's far from last time we've visited French Cup. »

We want to continue winning

—  Dasha, captain of the Team Paradise

It was your first international competition after Finlandia Trophy!

Dasha: « Yes, it is. But we will have two more: Budapest Cup and of course World Championships. »

What are your team goals now?

Dasha: « To show our best through the whole season. We want to continue winning. »

The fans in Rouen. /Credits : Candy Mulder 

This season, Team Paradise is skating to Beyonce’s song « Listen » from the « Dream girls » movie. Their program is about people's dreams and overcoming the difficulties. Their free program is deeper in understanding. The music has also more colors and moods. But it still has the main line about the variability of human life, explained Dasha, the Team Paradise’s captain.

Results - TOP 3

French Cup 2017
Rouen (FRA)
FEB 03, 2017 - FEB 04, 2017

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Team Dynamique (FIN)63.21
2Aurora Borealis (FIN)40.58
3Team Limelight (SWE)37.96

TEAM Score
1Junost (RUS)158.80
2Team Fintastic (FIN)150.74
3Skyliners (USA)146.44

TEAM Score
1Team Paradise (RUS)199.16
2Helsinki Rockettes (FIN)196.98
3Team Unique (FIN)193.76