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Les pirouettes Adults 1 took the gold in Laval. /Credits : Les pirouettes Adults 1

On Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd, the skating club of Laval hosted Quebec synchro teams. For them, it was a great occasion to show their programs to the judges and technical panel.

During two days, domestical categories from Canada competed in the Colisée ice rink of Laval.

On Saturday, Adults 2 Groups 1 and 2 presented their work. In this division, at least 75% of the skaters must be 25 years old. Les Pirouettes won this competition, followed by Oréades and Évolution.

In Adult 3, a category where the skaters must be at least 35 years old, Les Pirouettes also won the Group 1 event. Ruby received the silver medal and Dynamiques the bronze one. In the Group 2, Nova Stardust did the best score. Just behind, team Évolution and Green Machine from Ontario ranked 3rd.

The Dynamiques skates. /Credits : Les Dynamiques de Pointe aux Trembles

On Sunday, it was the turn of younger synchro teams to skate. Beginners 1 and 2, but also Juveniles competed in Laval. Les Suprêmes won the Beginners field. Nova took the gold and Golding Ice finished at the 3rd place. Beginners category is dedicated to very younger skaters who start skating. This division is for them a way to discover the synchro discipline and to learn who are the other competitive teams.

Les Suprêmes Juvenile earned the gold medal in Laval. /Credits : Les Suprêmes 

All detailed results will be available soon on the official website.