Paradise, Crystal Ice and Sunrise-2, Russian champions 2017


Team Paradise presented an incredible free program during the Russian Nationals. /Credits: Kirsi Laine 

This weekend in Yoshkar-Ola was held National Championship of Russia. The record number of 37 teams participated in this competition. All these teams competed in 3 categories.


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Team Paradise from Saint-Petersburg won the Senior National Championship 19th time in a row. The 2016 World Champions did some mistakes in the short program, but next day Paradise showed incredible powerful and emotional skating without any mistake. They earned a total score of 205.03 points. Team Tatarstan from Kazan showed clean skating in a short program and was quite near Paradise after the first day of the competition. In the free program, they also presented a clean program and received a total of 190.21 points after their two programs. The bronze medal was won by Dream Team from Samara.

The Senior podium. /Credits : Evgeny Nikiforov

At the Junior level, we have this year a new champion of Russia. The Team Crystal Ice from Moscow won this title for the first time. Their performances were without mistakes during two days of competition. After 2 programs, they got 171.05 points.

Вот и закончился Чемпионат России🙈 Хотим поздравить всех с завершением✊️ Эмоции просто переполняют😍 Мы стали Чемпионами России🥇🏆 Сделали историю💪 Спасибо нашим болельщикам из других команд и родным,вы нам очень помогли на этих стартах❤ И нам всё равно на всё и на всех,кто нас обсуждает,пародирует и тд,пусть это будет у каждого на совести🤗 Мы шли к этой победе очень долго и мы этого добились,так что пусть все завистники и недоброжелатели помолчат🙊👌 И конечно же,мы выиграли только благодаря нашему тренерскому составу! Который создавал эту команду,который переживал все моменты радости и горести,это Ольга Николаевна и Дарья Андреевна❤ А также тренера которые помогли нам со скольжением,с постановками программ,с хореографической подготовкой,это Сергей Комолов,Мария Раскина,Елена Владиславовна,Илья Авербух❤ спасибо вам всем большое,мы вам безмерно благодарны за всё,что вы делаете для нас! Мы вас очень любим,вы у нас самые-самые лучшие! Ну а дальше нас ждёт ещё более важные старты,такие как Кубок Весны(Spring Cup) в Италии🇮🇹 И Чемпионат Мира в Канаде🇨🇦 Будем готовиться😈

Une photo publiée par Crystal Ice🇷🇺 (@team_crystalice_rus) le

Team Junost from Ekaterinburg took the silver with 159.77 points. This team was the Russian champion a lot of years in a row, but this time they received 3 deductions in a short program and were in 4th place after the first day of competition. In the free program, they skated much better and it helped them to become 2nd as a result. Team Idel was 3rd after the short program and in the free program, they were 3rd too. They got a total of 155.51 points and bronze medal.

The Junior 2017 medalists. /Credits : Evgeny Nikiforov

By Advanced Novices, Sunrise-2 from Saint-Petersburg won the gold 3rd time in their history. Their skating was very sureness, powerfull and speedy. They received 65.32 points that 5 points more than received silver medalist. Team Junost Advanced Novice from Ekaterinburg took the 2nd place. 3rd place won team Ariada from the small city Volzhck. It is the first podium for this team in the history.

The 3 best Advanced Novices teams. /Credits : Evgeny Nikiforov

In Senior and Junior categories, the teams, which wanted to compete at Nationals, had to participate in at least one of the stages of the Russian Cup during this season. In Advanced Novice took part only 18 best teams which competed in the different stages of the Russian Cup.

Let’s go to the international competitions

Very soon you will able to see Russian teams in the international competitions.

Teams Sunrise-1 and Sunrise-2 will travel to Sweden to participate in Leon Lurje Trophy in Junior and Advanced Novice categories.

At the next French Cup, you will see Paradise and Junost Junior.

Tatarstan and Crystal Ice will take part in the Spring Cup in Italy.

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