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5’000 LIKES! Jura Synchro just broke that number on Facebook thanks to you. On this occasion, the newsroom invites you to discover a few surprises.

To begin this particular news, we would like to say a huge…


… to all synchro athletes, to our newsroom, to all coaches, fans, competitions and event organizers, to the ISU, to the whole synchro community and to all persons around the world who work behind the scenes to help synchronized skating to become bigger and bigger!

Team Paradise (RUS) - Short program 2016-2017. /Credits: Kirsi Laine Photography

Launched just two months ago, Jura Synchro’s new website is constantly improving. At this beginning of the year 2017, here are the two releases you have to know:

1. Synchro photographers join our newsroom. They will offer to the community a selection of their most beautiful pictures they took during competitions. You’ll be able to discover their profiles soon under the « Newsroom » section.

2. All the synchro lovers will be able to keep an eye on the actuality of one or many country/ies. The website offers you now the opportunity to filter content by country.

Cool Dreams Juniors (SUI) - Berlin Cup 2017 /Credits: Mario Huth

Founded and led by professional journalists who work voluntarily for love of synchro, Jura Synchro does everything possible to give you the last news about synchronized skating around the world. The correspondents (who are always more numerous) undertake to provide quality content while respecting the journalistic rules. A few contributors are moreover professional journalists or renowned photographers.

Team Mystique from Finland. /Credits: Janne Koistinen

Once again, we would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in Jura Synchro and for your precious support.

A piece of advice: stay connected with us because other great surprises are waiting for you in the coming weeks!