Edito: Ten Senior teams which left their mark on 2016


So many important events, big emotions, happiness but also tears sometimes. Let’s have a look back these last months with ten Senior teams which did the actuality this year.

More and more gold medals… Since a few months now, the Russian team Paradise outclasses the Senior competitions. The year 2016 has been the consecration for the Irina Yakovleva's girls. Her team became for the first time in history the World Champion in the Syma Hall in Budapest. Yes, their free program on Carmen’s music brought them luck. But what will happen now with their new programs? Their biggest rivals, teams from Finland, Canada, USA or even Sweden seem also able to get atop. These teams' new programs are always more creative and full of technical difficulties.

The battle is tough that’s true in this category bringing together teams with more than 24 hours training each week. Team Unique, for example, did a mixed season with a great victory at Finnish nationals but a disillusion during the Worlds where the team finished in the 4th place, two rows behind Team Finland 2 Rockettes. This year, Team Unique seems to be fit with two creative programs. Hopefully, their efforts and hard work will pay off for the Worlds. 

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This year a new country did its first appearance at the Worlds. Team Ice United from Netherlands skated for the first time in the Seniors World Championships in Budapest. This is one more proof that our sport grows up and becomes more popular.

With that in mind, several teams presented this year high-level programs, like Mexico for example with the team Merging Edge. There were also the improvements of the Hungarian Team Passion, or even the French Zoulous who are since in good shape with their good results last season at Worlds. 

It is also important to remember the brilliant program of the Italian Hot Shivers. This teams proposed an emotional program with clown’s costumes. Thanks for these moments.

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In Asia, China is developing more and more synchronized skating. This is a good news for us and we would love to host Chinese teams in international competitions in the coming years. For its part, Japan could be proud of Jingu Ice Messengers. This team is bringing each year its sensibility in the sport (as last year with their incredible program on Beauty and the Beast). About Japan, a new team could join the top teams soon: Ace of Diamond is a project launched by two old synchro skaters. We hope that we’ll see them in the next few years.

Finally, at the beginning of this new year, a lot of teams will start trying to qualify themselves for the next World Championships. For Seniors, this event will take place in the USA in only 4 months. Will Les Suprêmes Senior stay atop of the Canadian championships? Or will Nexxice, 2015 World Champions, regain its place amongst the world's best?

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These questions remain. And excitation increases. Senior competitions look promising but other synchro categories too are going to show incredible things! Juniors, for example, are going to give us goose bumps next March in Canada during the Worlds.

Of course, you’ll have the opportunity to follow these competitions with us by photos, articles and videos on our website and social networks. You’re now more than 4’000 to like us on Facebook and also on Instagram, that’s just amazing!

We look forward to living all these synchro events with you. We wish you a wonderful 2017 year on Jura Synchro.
Thanks for your trust and your continued support.

Amélie Rossé
Journalist & Jura Synchro co-founder